10 May 2009

I Am Packing My Bags For 24 Hours...

....from Twitter and Facebook.

It's Mother's Day in the USA, and all the Mother's Day messages already are driving me fucking nuts. There's been talk about it for days. I haven't seen this much excitement amongst folks since the news of the first black President. Scratch that. The free KFC from Oprah last week.

If you forget why I can't stand these shit days then here's a recap. We celebrate ours in the UK in March. Well they do. I don't. And no it won't change when I become a mother. My kids are soooooooo in trouble if they ever utter those three words to me. H**** M*****'* D**. It's punishment for a whole month if they do.


  1. LMAO!! I've skim read your blog for like 2 mins and you've had me howling to the point where my boyf is looking and wondering WTF I'm looking at on his laptop!!

    A girl after my own heart - must be the SE LDN blood in us!!! ARE YOU MY LONG LOST ADOPTED TWIN SISTER??!! You type how I speak on a daily basis, people know 'my mouth' - it's that's bad (well depending how you look at it). If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, right?!

    I think I've just found my # no 1 blog read!!!

  2. Erm, try actually being from the UK and IN the States today!!! They do NOT play with Mother's Day out here.

    The build up was like Christmas!!!

  3. Welcome to the 'Keep it real' blog. HA HA!!! Girl this is my vent corner. Trust! You'll either love it or hate it.

    Glad you appreciate my blog rants...and made you buss a laugh at least!


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