26 May 2009

Beyoncé Turned Me Out

I was one of those folks. Take it or leave it. Liked the regular club Beyoncé tunes or the ballads and pushed the rest to the wayside. Not die hard, like I am with my Mariah status. You know the release date of the album, track order, who wrote and produced what track, all before the album comes out. Then you buy the album and learn the songs within 3 hours. Nope I'm not like that with Beyoncé at all. After seeing her live at the O2 yesterday night *shakes head* the Houstonian Heffer got me.

My confession is "I am now a Beyoncé fan."

The concert was amazing! Prince was the most amazing live act I'd ever seen, he's now at number 2, and that took some doing.

I'll post more about the concert, with pics n vids tomorrow.

**Please don't think that this means I'm going to be nice going forward. There's a difference between being a fan and a straight fool**

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