26 May 2009

"I Talk Like This, Cause I Can Back It Up!"

You see what she [Beyoncé] has done? Got me blogging straight foolishness. I like this line and it's been in my head for the the longest.

Confession #2. After the concert I was jamming hard in my hallway to Diva and Single Ladies on straight rotation. Worked up a sweat and now at 3:54am am still up like a damn fool cause I have too much energy.

Damn that Bouncy Knowles!!

And no, I did NOT like the Ego video. What's up with the black n white themed videos for this album?

Trusssssssst!! I was poppin like a straight fool to Diva. I can move ya know. Whatchu know bout this right here? I didn't even know I could Crump/Krump like that! [depending on how YOU spell it].

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  1. i had so many images of wat the ego video could have been be! but then..i was sooo disapointed!!!i mean...same outfits, same background,same choregrapy maannn!!rih rih wer u @?


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