26 May 2009

I'm Black. You're Black & a Criminal, So That Means Unity by Colour?

...I don't think so.

Tyson, OJ, Michael Vick as examples in this case. Because for nearly 20 years I've heard too much bullshit spout out of the mouths of my fellow people surrounding these cretins.

Let's be clear about this right here. Those 3 men I do not give a fuck about. I don't care about white judges dishing out unfair sentences, or care that they may get more than their white counterparts for the very same crime. I just don't care. And yes I have had close to 50% of the men in my family IN PRISON, loved them, but not sympathised with their situation one iota. The women knew to act right, were brought up by the same parents, grandparents but they thought they were bad so let them get the hell on with it and serve their time if they think they're bad then. My younger cousin served time shortly before his 18th birthday. I didn't visit him once, because before he was out he wasn't checking for me, the minute he's incarcerated my name is down on a visiting order? Why? And I'm supposed to spend my Sunday making the loooooong visit to a place to because you didn't know how to behave yourself and listen to your mother. Please. None of these men in my family grew up in the ghetto either. just an FYI.

Black people turn straight foolish when it comes to defending the likes of these people, and it's based solely on them being a black man. When you decide to become a criminal, you get no representation or me pumping a fist in your corner, or thinking your situation is sad JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE BLACK.

Like I've said before if you AS A BLACK MAN KNOWS the system will come down on you harder, JUST BECAUSE you're black then why are you out there committing a damn crime to begin with? I don't care whether you steal a Capri Sun from a grocery store or murder somebody every crime has its repercussions. You know the police are going to come down on you HARD cause of your skin colour. That is the equivalent of teasing a bull with a bright red sheet.

We spend so much time talking about our incarcerated brothas, the system and the white man that's done them wrong and continues to do them wrong. I quite frankly don't care and will sleep soundly at night. And I do, each and every night. The only circumstances where it's wrong are the genuinely innocent people locked up in prison, and that goes for innocent men of ALL colours, not just my fellow black man.

I AM T.I.R.E.D. of these asshole criminals, and even more tired of the assholes who defend them.

Can we get some praise for the brothas
LOOKING AFTER THEIR CHILDREN [even though YOU'RE SUPPOSED to be looking after your children anyway, just this once I'll put this one in here]
....and whatever other positives you brothas are doing. Not letting your past/background be an excuse for a way of life when so many homeless/ghetto raised/poorly educated/past gang members are making something of themselves and never once said because I am/was x, y, and z let me use that as a reason NOT to get ahead in life.

These are the brothas I have time for and will continue to have time for. The likes of Tyson, OJ, and Vick take away the limelight of stories about black men we are supposed to be hearing about.

So you wanna be a big time sports star and rape, murder, breed dogs for fighting? Isn't your salary and fame enough? Don't you realise your dollars in your bank account will not help you escape from a prison term, because no matter how rich you get, to a lot of non-black folks,you're just another nigger and always will be. A nigger with a bank account. Then what happens is you fall right into what you hear, lose everything and to them become just 'another nigger in jail.' Parents need to teach their children that yes you can [now with Obama] be anything that you want to be, but remember to some people, no matter how much money you make, you'll always be viewed as one type of person and that's lower than others. But don't believe it to be true.

If you decide to overstep that line where one side says law abiding citizen and the other criminal. That's on you my friend. How can it be SAD that white folks especially wanted to see these men go down. SAD? Give me a mutha effin break. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GO DOWN.

Do NOT get it twisted there are black folks out there who wanted to see the likes of these folks go down too and it boils down to common sense recognising in wanting a criminal to PAY for their actions and not repping them and wanting them to get a lighter sentence because he's black.

If some of you are really hurt and hard done by that these judges who dish out the sentences are racist, then why don't you go and push your kids into becoming high profile judges, rather than lil LeBron's and Beyonce's, so one day they can help all the black criminals either get off or serve very minimal sentences*

*The last paragraph was very sarcastic for those that just didn't get it, but if you really feel that strongly about the WRONG doing of OUR CRIMINALS, then please take it the hell seriously.

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