26 May 2009

Susan Boyle: Get This Cow Off My TV

Let's not beat around the eyebrow bush shall we. Susan Boyle is famous because she's not attractive. Plain and simple.

When I saw the Saturday coverage of Britain's Got Talent of when she first appeared, it was moving. But down to great editing of the show, it made you feel bad and teary that you thought this ugly woman didn't have a cat in hell's chance of even being able to sing a note, let alone a full song. Then it took you back to all the ugly people who you made suffer when you were a school bully in, and now they came back fighting, showing you they were indeed all about something to begin with.

Susan Boyle can sing, but she is not amazing. The GLOBAL hype about this woman is not necessary. And to be honest I really hope she loses the final of Britain's Got Talent I really do. Let get this straight SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE ON OPRAH. That was some bitchassness right there!

Which high profile celebrity is going to just come out and say it. "Susan, how does it feel not being good looking at all, but having an amazing voice to share with the world? Because let's be honest Susan, the real reason you are on my show is because you ain't cute, but you can sing. Wouldn't you say the global phenomenon with you is due to the fact that the world really do feel sorry for you, and in a weird and psychological way, supporting you eases them of any past transgressions they might of had when they themselves were mean to someone based on their looks as a kid in school?"

Oooh you are so lucky I don't have my own radio show. I speak in real life, like I do on my blog. I'd be straight like Marmite. Love me or hate me. I'd have no celeb interviews because they'd be afraid of what I might come out with.

Did anyone see the semi-final on Saturday? She's lucky she picked that song back up in the middle, because the start of it was shit and proved my point, she's not all that great. Overall I was not very impressed.

I've heard a rumour that around her way she does indeed have a nasty foul mouth on her. And by heck doesn't she look like the type to tell a few street kids on their bikes to "fuck off." I'm not fooled by Susan's Christian image. Never have I once heard her thank God, and the reason she is still a virgin and never been kissed has nothing to do with her religion. It's simply because she couldn't get laid.

I'm sorry, walking toward the microphone on Saturday night she looked like a cross between a really evil woman/someone with Downs Syndrome. And before you want to leave a torrent of abusive comments, ain't a damn thing wrong with anyone Downs Syndrome, she just looks it to me. I just say what people are afraid to say. Susan Boyle on occasion does have a Downs look to her. Tell me I'm lying?

She's also starting to get a little full of herself. What's with the blowing of kisses the way that she does like she's a star, and as Amanda called it Eva Peron style. Now covering her face when out in public, and the stupid 'trying to be sexy' shimmies she does toward Piers Morgan is beyond me. Don't get too full of yourself luv, you seriously ain't all that.

As for Amanda, stop the fake welling up of the eyes. And get over yourself you talentless wench!

Susan will probably win BGT. The sad fact remains is that there are two dance groups Flawless and Diversity who are equally in the running for winning the show [and I hope one of them do], who have had no coverage whatsoever compared with the likes of Susan Boyle.

What Susan may or may not realise, is that for Simon and his production company she is a money maker. She's a publicity platform for him, and Simon is an entertainment P.I.M.P. [good on him too, I respect his 'hustle', I really do] She'll put out an album of crappy covers, it'll shoot to number one, and guess what, she'll fade into obscurity. We in the UK like nothing more than the fall of people after a huge rise. Simon will pocket the money, as he'll make sure all the songs she sings, he and his record company [which he has shares in] has rights to the songs and come December he'll move onto his next 'hoe' in the form of the X-Factor winner, then back to the US in January auditioning for the 9th American Idol.

YES, we all know the moral of this story is a yawnful "don't judge a book by it's cover," but it's about time this book got flung off the nation's bookshelves, as I'm sick of hearing about this woman when it's a competition and there are other contestants. It's like a Pussy Cat Dolls situation. She's is Nicole [just the opposite in looks] and other semi-finalists are the back up dancers whose names we try and remember, but just can't.

I cannot wait for the day to come when Susan Boyle fucks off for good out of the spotlight.


  1. OMG!!! Everything about this post got my 100% attention. From the title to Susan fucking off the spotligh! Sad as it is to admit, I won't deny that a lot of the spotlight she is getting is because the woman wowo!!! But I still think she can sing. I only wonder if she would have made it this far into the competition if she was pretty to look out. Would we all go wow and break out in tears or beef her off the show?

    lol @ respecting simeon for his 'hustle',

  2. sorry to take up more comment space but if you had a radio station, i will be ur number 1 fan!!!

  3. Wow, lady... now thats a perfect example of having a strong opinion on something. I like that.

    lol@susan's foul mouth.. i think you just beat her in that department.

  4. i shud start watchin dat show..well at least d finale!

  5. I agree with you fully. Fantastic article.
    She is not amazing at all and I am quite sad that she is bieng voted for so much and because it's A variety show!
    If a buetifel women stood on that stage and sang she would get barley attention. I also ITV is favouring her with what he judges say and look at the website!


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