2 May 2009

My Celebrity Body Double!

If you don't know what that is, it's a celebrity who shares the exact shame body shape as you. Yeah I know WTH???

I remember reading online about folks asking others their ideal or whose body shape theirs resembled. Well I have no celeb double face wise, but looking at Ciara [especially in the Enrique] video is actually a lil spooky. Another one is Kelly Rowland.

I'm 5'8 [my sister will tell me I'm 5'9] I have no idea which is fact, long slim shapely legs, pert bottom and shapely [although mine is a lil more pert that Ciara's]. Narrow waist, shapely hips, flat stomach, small boobs [although CiCi did get hers done recently]. Broad shoulders, very toned arms. Right down to Ciara's arm definition my arms are naturally slim yet slightly muscular.

So there you have it. Ciara and Kelly Rowland are my body doubles. Although looking at Ciara's body it's like looking at my own. Now all I gotta do is master that Matrix move of hers.

That sure as hell ain't gonna happen anytime soon.


  1. Wow Ciara?? I think she has one of the best body types around. That Matrix move...I don't think I will be trying that anytime soon.

  2. Okay.. So i know this is a tad bit off-topic.. but how did you manage to put two pics opposit each other in this post?

    Okayyy.. so back to the topic.. I'm guessing you look hot then.. 'Cos those two women are 'fit'..

    Saw Ciara & C.Brown's performance somewhere.. She hit a homerun..

  3. What Body Type are you?

    I'm more endomorphic like Beyonce or Shakira.

  4. @Roc if my body is 'hot' as you so put it, what makes you think my face will be? Hot bodies don't equal hot faces. I've seen plenty of buff men who look ugly as hell.

    I describe myself as 'alright looking', I have my hot moments, but to each their own.

    As for the pictures, just align one left and one right on Blogger.

  5. How are you seen by men and women of color?
    All the guys I know talk about a "thick" woman (which to me is fat).
    Halle Berry, Ciera and Kelly would be seen as too skinny.
    The women all think that Beyonce is perfect (but she'll be fat in less than five years).
    Do guys tell you to gain weight?

  6. Black men and women? Well I get hollered at/admired by men and complimented by women with they typical are you a model/you should model comments or you're so lucky to eat whatever you want and never gain an ounce.

    Thick is not fat. Beyonce and Deelishus from Flavor of Love are deemed as having thick figures. Fat is just Fat.

    No guys do not tell me to gain weight. Any guy I deal with is more than happy with my figure just the way that it is. And any guy that did have any problem with me physically better learn how to use my front door and forget my address. It has never been an issue or a topic of conversation with any man I've been involved with. They've loved me just they way that I am, and before speaking to me and getting to know me, my figure [from what I've told] is what attracted them to me in the first place.

  7. Oh, Okay - I was just wondering if things were different over there.


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