2 May 2009

Just Shut The F*** Up About Damn Swine Flu!

Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu. Swine Flu.

I had about 2 hours of panic initially when the news first broke after there was a case in London, the next day I slapped myself for acting the fool and bowing down to the media circus of hype, hype and more bloody hype. But how many days on and people are still going on about it?

Seriously...Shut the fuck up please!
If it bothers you that much stay in your damn house and spare us all your drama.

This is NOT a pandemic. This is nothing new. How many different flu viruses have we had over the years? Get sick in Me-hi-co [Mexico] which is slap bang next to big ol Texas and California and you got a damn crisis cause it's affecting people that matter....Western folks. 70,000 deaths, that to me is a pandemic.

So what's the death tally in the USA so far?


'Scuse me??? Pandemic

Let's check the facts as of May 2nd 2009 shall we.

  • Mexico: 101 suspected deaths - 16 confirmed
  • US: One death, at least 141 confirmed cases
  • New Zealand: 4 confirmed, 12 probable cases
  • Canada: 35 confirmed cases
  • UK, Spain: 15 confirmed cases
  • Germany: 4 confirmed cases
  • France, Israel, Costa Rica: 2 confirmed cases
  • Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, South Korea, Italy: 1 confirmed case
So what, not even 200 deaths. And this is a pandemic? People on Twitter and Facebook and the world over acting the damn fool.

There are over 4,000 deaths in the UK each year from Influenza alone!

So where is the government intervention on a mass scale?
Why are these people never featured in the paper in the winter months and the other thousands like them?
Where is the government initiative and drive to put leaflets in the homes of very citizen in the UK to tell them about protecting themselves against the flu, at our expense I must add?

Stick the word swine in front of it and and up pops a new breed of jackass, afraid to leave their damn house or sit in an airport departure lounge in case they pass a Mexican on a connecting flight, or the ones now eating pork. Some folks REALLY need to get educated it seems and use the Internet for research instead of caiding in their conspiracy theory arguments. Yes there are some fools that believe it was whipped up by the government so y'all could put your hands in your pockets spending money making the pharmaceuticals even richer. Some of y'all GOT TIME! Everything [if you want it to be] can be a conspiracy...if your mind really wants to take it there. How about you and your conspiracy theories go away and get a lovely man-made disease together then blame it on the aliens in Area 51.

UK Bloggers, do the flu victims get any airtime in this country when 4,000 of them are dying from flu each year? Because I don't hear anything about it. All I hear is a reminder for old folks to get their flu jabs and that's it.

Death rate extrapolations for USA for Flu: 63,729 per year, 5,310 per month, 1,225 per week, 174 per day, 7 per hour,

See what people fail to realise is this, they seem to forget that even if they did get the damn swine flu, they can actually recover from it. Getting it doesn't equal death. And like I've said and also seen being 'Re-Tweeted' on Twitter where is the mass hysteria in wanting to be protected from HIV/AIDS? Why don't we talk constantly about these diseases that you can never recover from and will have to live with for the rest of your shortened life?

Fair enough HIV/AIDS isn't airborne like the flu where you can't help but catch it if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, but with AIDS, people are not taking this shit seriously enough and I see a lot of black folks going on about the damn Swine Flu [when have black people ever been bitch scared of some damn flu? Seriously c'mon! When you know you got a Caribbean or African bush tea remedy that knocks the virus out of you just from smelling it!] Nod ya head if you know what I'm talking about ethnic folks with the ethnic home remedies!

You know what's funny [in a very wrong and twisted way] as a people we're worried about catching Swine Flu, but purposefully and conciouslly going out there and contracting HIV/AIDS with no fear. How sickening is that?

The reason I take it back to black is because:
a) I am black.
b) HIV/AIDS is affecting our communities GLOBALLY, especially the women AT AN ALARMING RATE! How can we as a race be in the minority in the USA and still have the highest NEW HIV rates over any other demographic. Blacks make up 12-13% of the US population.

In 2005 at an official statistic of 13% of the Black US population approx 49% of the new HIV/AIDS statistics were made up of black men and women.

In 2007 in the UK 35% of the new infections were made up of Black Africans [I'm just going to assume this includes black Caribbeans too]. But this is ludicrous AND WE ONLY MAKE UP 2% of this population.


I take pride in my morals, and sexual health. I don't sleep around for fun. If there's no stable committed, relationship going on with feelings, love and trust. WELL YOU'RE JUST NOT GETTING THE GOODS. I will put my urges on hold if it means saving my life. But please don't think an 'I Love You' is gonna get the goods either. I don't do a damn thing unless the above is in place [on both parties] and he gets tested and I get tested.

Sounds like a hassle to you? I'd rather go through that and do what I can to sustain my life rather than go through years of counselling and drug taking just to enhance my life with a dreaded disease. My black ass is celibate and it's staying that way. Laugh. mock if you may. LondonDiva don't give a fuck. There is no dick worth dying for and I don't do drugs. I know I'm clean...do you?

So this swine flu crap is just making me straight mad for the pure sense it's been over hyped and people are running scared the moment someone coughs. Are these the same fools that would look at a fine man/woman and assume they're clean just because they aren't coughing or look sick just to convince themselves the light is green for 5 minutes of raw fun?

Let's get as educated, up to date and savvy about the things that really matter people. Swine Flu, just isn't that serious to me at all. It's a top 'trend' on Twitter I wish HIV/AIDS were top trends too. When people talk, people get educated. I bet we could all write a damn thesis on Swine Flu this week with all that H1N, HN1, H11, H1234 or whatever the hell it is, but don't a damn person want to address the real killer amongst us that's a daily pandemic and here to stay.

If it's not through crime, it's through drugs, if it's not through drugs, it's through obesity, if it's not through obesity, it's through raw dick and pussy that we are killing ourselves.

And we're worried about some damn pig flu? Shoot that's the least of our worries.


  1. I am tired of hearing about it as well. I understand the importance of being informed but I don't live in panic. I had to tell a friend of mine who kept going on and on about how I shld take precautions and all to take a chill pill.

  2. Exactly!
    A friend of mine was going on and on about that crap.
    I said I don't remember such a big fuss being made about the Marburg pandemic from a few years ago.
    He had never heard of it, to which I replied of course,the media didn't care that innocent(BLACK AFRICAN) Angolan children were dying every single day.
    From now on,I zap whenever they start yapping about it.I'm not insensitive though just pissed!

  3. The koko is nothing.. zilch.. has been reported from any african countries..

    Still Egypt has embarked on a "Kill-all-pigs" agenda..

    Talk about killing a fly with a sledge hammer..

  4. If the media circus means that people on the train will be a bit more hygienic and actually cover their mouths when they cough, I'm all for it...let the media circus continue! People are just too nasty on public transport.

  5. @special_k there has been no change in London whatsoever with people and their nasty habits. Pure coughing and sneezing like they always down without covering their mouths and noses. They simply, don't business.

  6. lol seriously? I guess I don't take the underground but I was on the train the other week when one guy coughed and everyone just glared at him. It was the only cough/sneeze I heard the entire 2hr journey.


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