4 Jun 2009

X Marks The Spot: Voting Day

I don't need any texts, Facebook messages, Twitter reminders, e-mails, MySpace bulletins, or leaflets being handed to me outside Angel tube station to remind me to vote today thank you very much.

So the HUGE focus this year is to vote to keep the BNP out?
I'm not voting to keep the BNP out. I'm voting because I have always voted and will continue to do so. BNP. ABC. or EFG. Mi nah business.

I've never in the 11 years since I've been allowed to vote by law [with the exception from my mother] heard another BLACK person stress to me in some way at the importance of voting until this week.

BNP or no BNP we as black people need to stop using negative [in the UK, having the BNP] or positive [in the US, when Obama ran] as a means to turn up in full force to vote for some change. We should be bloody doing it anyway.

I vote. I always do. There could be a whole heap of BNP type parties all trying to win seats, and my 2 feet shuffling to the polls will be no different every time a voting session rolls around.

Unless we are PUSHED somehow whether to get a black president IN or keep the fascist whites OUT it seems it's the only time we decide we're going to fix up.

I'm tired of our PART-TIME mentality. It reminds me of the mentality of some black folks who think being studious and reading is a white thing. There are a lot of people that believe voting is just a white thing so 'can't be bothered'

Voting should be important and pushed ALL the time not just when it's a potentially negative/positive issue surrounding race.

That's all I'm going to say as I'm sleep deprived and wrote some long ass comment reply about Mariah/Beyoncé..yeah go figure.

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