17 Jun 2009

13 Days Feels Like An Eternity...

...Not posting a blog for 13 days feels more like 1 years I swear!

I think I have been busier since not working that when I was working. *sigh*

I'm trying to get to THAT stage. You know where everything is taken care of to the point where all you gotta do is clean your house and wash dishes.. It's always something.
Well what's been going on with me....hmmmm a lil of this, a lil of that. Trust me there are some elements of LD's life that she likes to keep private.

But main thing is I'm alive, here and surviving, as well as living on Twitter as usual.
  • Booked a £1 each way flight to Oslo, Norway for October. Came to a total of £12.
  • Competitions are my 'new' thing. Won 2 yesterday. I entered these ones with the intention to give them to my parents. Apollo Theatre to see Carrie's War [my mum is a theatre nut, she's dragging dad along] and Cricket at the Oval for my dad next Saturday. He's never been to a live cricket match, he's 75 and a cricket fan...bless him.
Got a couple of new gadgets...on the Blackberry (4th one) Bold, and just had a Compaq Mini 700 netbook delivered today. It's still in the box, that's how busy I've been. *rolls eyes* I bought it primarily to get cracking, and back on track to writing my first novel. If anyone comes up in here talking about the crusty Curve, I will scream. I'm a BB snob. Whatever the top model is out at the moment I will get it. I want my 3G/HSDPA dammit. It's amazing at the folks who have an opinion on what phone YOU get with YOUR money. [Well this one is free *thanks T-Mobile...as usual*] but I'm paying the bills on it.

Back to the book...I'm not going to give anything away just yet, I want it all 'legal' n 'copyright protected' before I share a preview, but if you like my blog, then expect the same 'realness' in the book. It IS a novel. It's fictional but certain elements based on people I know/have known.

I'm gonna go as far and call it a 'female, Adulthood for the semi-professional/semi-pseudo ghetto sista (referring to the character there), with an element of, Spike Lee and Noel Clarke undertones in a book-and then some.'

Whatever you do, don't ask me when it's gonna be ready. I get real antsy when people ask me questions. If you paint, do music, write...whatever, it doesn't always flow. Some days your at it all the time, at others, weeks could go by before you get back into it again. Trying to be creative is difficult, and it certainly doesn't always flow the way you want it to. So if you ask me on a day where I'm not in the writing mood and the flow is taking a mini hiatus, it might be like prodding a sleeping bear.
I want it done and out more that anyone. This is my baby and I gotta get it right. But the netbook will definitely help. Sitting stationed at this desktop rarely gets my creative juices going, and when I travel that's when I get it, but no means to continue writing, so this will be perfect for me.

Don't worry about publishing either. I have all these elements sorted. It must the caffeine I've just consumed [warning people...don't give me any advice..what the hell do you take me for moments] Some days I like advice/help, others, just leave me the hell alone. I'm honest..you should know this already, no matter how weird it sounds.
I'm on a no cursing ban as well, I'm down to about 1-3 curse words a day now. I don't care if people don't think it's un-ladylike [I know when/where to use it/not use it]. Like cigarettes I actually enjoyed smoking and cursing [great stress reliever]. Giving up cursing is harder than the cigarettes, that's for sure. 18 months off fags after smoking since my teens, but the cursing isn't easy. I am, however coming out of cursing retirement to write this book. There is no way it can be clean, that's not what it's about. I would write a book for kids if that's what I wanted to do. Written by a Londoner, set in London. Londoners know about vulgarity. TRUST! They won't be shocked...nor the Irish...or the Scottish for that matter.
Anyhoot, just a rambled blog from me. I'm on self disciplined mode. A natural night owl who has to be in bed between 2-3am and up at 8am. It's hard. I'm used to going to bed when the sun rises and the birds are a tweeting.

I really need a moment to check out some of your blogs, I've been so lacklustre in catching up on my reading lately. **SCREAMS**
I will get there.
A Disciplined. Motivated. Determined. LD x
Whatever your quests are right about now, hope you're focused and on it.

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  1. Great deal on the Oslo tickets! And just as well considering how expensive that place is. Glad you're back to blogging, cyberspace was boring without you.


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