27 Aug 2009

So Fake To The Point Your REAL Hair Makes The News!

"Tyra Banks has given fans a sneak peak of her new haircut. The model-turned-presenter has now posted a picture of herself on Twitter - but blurred the photograph to avoid her new look being properly unveiled before the return of her talk show, 'The Tyra Banks Show', next month. Alongside the picture, she wrote: 'Here's me rockin my REAL hair, had 2 blur it so its still a surprise on Sept 8! Who else is sportin their real hair that day? (sic)' Tyra has previously declared September 8 'National Real Hair Day' in honour of her new look. Speaking about the show, she vowed: 'No fake hair at all! Will be the hair coming out of my scalp! 4 all 2 C! No ponytails, no ballet un head. Hair will be out and free"

Oh Lord Ty Ty Baby Banks, give me strength sweetie. I really wish her rich banker boyfriend would just wife her and she goes and has some babies somewhere. The general consensus about Tyra is that she's not all that nice, personable, self involved and her show hinders rather than helps black women and issues. Seems like a lot of the topics she does on her show pisses a lot of people off. And here's another one....

So to remain even more relevant Tyra is revealing her natural lace front free hair for the whole season of her new show.

Who actually cares? What is the world coming to when a woman takes off her wig and it causes this much controversy. Is this the best that Tyra can do? She gets a doctor to come on to her show to prove her breasts are real and now she's got to show us she has hair too.

....waiting for the surgeon to confirm the rhinoplasty surgery. That's nose job..... From the look of it she's had the bridge narrowed and nostrils made smaller. And probably had more than one surgery over the years as well. If there are pictures from yesteryear, why do these celebs continue to deny it. And no that's not a make up contouring job, there's only so much make-up can do.

Good surgeon though!

My take on the whole story...."Whatever Tyra! Although I respect your hustle and your futile attempts to remain relevant."


  1. I actually can't wait to see her real hair. Did you see the 'good hair' episode? I cringed ALL the way through it. It's on youtube.

  2. And all it was showing her relaxed hair without hair pieces. I thought she was gonna shave it off or something; that would have been way more interesting. I saw the hair episode and it was extremely cringe worthy!

  3. Could agree with you more!!! She is a wanna be Oprah! She tries so HARD to seem so real and she appears so fake. I can't stand it. She had this noes jobs but wants to have a show on the dangers of plastic surgery.

    Her real hair isn't all that because it wasn't until people started making a big deal over oprah's hair did she want to show her own, she looks younger and better with the wig so she needs to put it back on. Tyra is MAJOR fake and people do see it. I can go on thank you for this post!!!

  4. She actually looked a lot better with her natural nose.


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