6 Jan 2010

Ask, Believe, Receive

I'm going through a ton of papers, documents, junk etc at the moment  and came across a ton of bright pink Post It Notes [which caused me to stop to write this blog] each with a goal or affirmation on it from over 2 years ago. As I was going through them I realised that some of them actually came to fruition, and at the time of writing them didn't know whether they would or not, but was determined to ask, believe and receive. Some are still a work in progress, others have changed slightly from my wants in 2007 to 2010, but most importantly my mind is opened and focused to recieving everything that's coming my way.

I refuse to put limitations on myself, my wants or my needs. I'm reminded and thankful every morning that if God has blessed me to wake me up to see another day, then he's not done with me yet. And if you're reading this then he's not done with you either.

I looked at some of the things I had written in 2007 and was amazed that I had actually done some of the things, and what I wanted and remained open to receiving actually came to pass. I spoke it into existence, believed it was mine/coming my way and went on about my business.

Whether you visualize, pray or do a mix of both, keep at it. Remain focused and believe that whatever you want is on it's way to you. Don't focus on the HOW it's coming to you, that just throws everything off balance, just know that it is coming to you. The 'how' is not your business or concern. Ask and believe that it's yours. Live in the moment like you have it, and if you can manage that, then it's already yours.

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  1. great, great post.

    and something that everyone needs to be constantly reminded of. during life struggles i too tend to forget about the power that is available, so it's always a blessing when i read things such as these and become convicted in though.

    we are HERE on this @ but most importantly my mind is opened and focused to recieving everything that's coming my way.


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