6 Jan 2010

Some Things Are Going To Change Around Here!

  • After printing off my landline phone bills from 2009 from my online account [I'm organised like that] I noticed I spend too much time on the damn phone. If it wasn't accomplished in 2009 I was probably yabbering the damn year away.
  • Speaking of phones, I seem to have a habit of knowing quite a few rude people who love to have more than 1 conversation going on at the same time, but don't know how to say "excuse me" for a moment. or those moments turn into a fully fledged conversation. Do it and expect to hear a dialling tone, or I'll ask you to call back when you have more time.
  • Just because my phones ring it doesn't mean I have to answer them. I'm getting very good at that now. I've realised I'd answer every call even if I didn't have the time or want to speak to a person right there and then. I've learnt to appreciate ME time and calling back when I feel like it. I know when I've rung certain people they don't always answer the phone or call me back, it's time I adopted the same attitude, plus I have too many bloody things to do.
  • Just because it's sold in the shop it doesn't mean I have to buy it. If I got a buzz from spending money, I actually get a better buzz of saving it now.
  • I've adopted this one before and it's staying "I'm not waiting on anyone."  Whether it's the movies or a trip overseas. You can't make it....I'm gone. Listen, I've managed to take my ass to Thailand and trek in the rainsforest on an elephant by my damn self, I'm sure I can see a movie without adult company. Plus these days if you want to travel with someone go to TravBuddy. It's 2010 be adventurous and step outside of the box. I'm stepping so far outside the box I'd need  a map to go back and find it!
  • My bucket list has been revised to things I actually want to do, as opposed to listing things I THINK I may want to do. So far there are 8 things on there. My one from a few years ago had over 24 things on there. I'm not even remotely excited by over half of them. It was time to scrap it and revise it to something more REAL for ME.
  • I'm being less considerate. Now I know this may sound really bad, but being too considerate has done me no favours. I need to be more considerate of me first and foremost.
  • BS. We all know what that is. I'm doing very well in giving up cursing so I'm not about to go backwards for the sake of a blog post. Your BS, can you please leave it at the door. Here in my little world it's actually a criminal offence.
  • I'm a grown woman. Talk to me like one. Like an adult. If it's not possible for you to manage you'll see the back of me walking away, a dial tone or NO RESPONSE to your renk email.
  • I've learnt to relax, relate, release. AKA think before acting, speaking, doing. Peaceful, calm like, zen like. Please don't get it confused, it doesn't mean I'll be acting blindly to all BS that comes my way, it simply means the way in which you're handled won't be abrupt. It's all about "I wish you well" and keeping it moving. No time for chapter and verse.
  • When I've dealt with me, then I'll deal with you [unless it's seriously dire]. Do you know how much of my time I've put on hold for people and when I've needed them.....well you know the rest.
  • I can't expect people to be what I want them to be. I can either accept them for who and what they are or don't. I understand some are unlike me and not as prompt when it comes to making plans. I accept it may take you a week to get back to me, but please accept I made plans with somebody else. Sorry I get tired of waiting and I'm always a day closer to dying. No need for vexation, I accept you're slow, I've accepted I'm not. Now let's all hold hands and sing Kum-Bay-Yah!


  1. Makes a lot of sense, hope things go great for you this new year.

  2. ur very right...esp about the phone bit, ive decided to only answer calls when im sure i have the time....not all calls need to be answered immediately.
    i hope 2010 brings u lots of happiness

  3. Found your blog from Don. Very insightful. I had just made my mind up to not let other people hold me back from doing me. I will be looking into the travel buddie stuff. I'm so tired of people backing out of trips at the last minute. And I can most definitely see a movie by myself! dangit!


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