28 Jan 2010

Inspiration From The Uninspired

A man has worked here for 35 years and showed up to work today 15 minutes before he’s due to start. I can already hear the ‘black’ responses to that alone in my head. Now the best you’ll get out of me is 3 minutes early, then I’ll spend those 180 seconds washing my hands and fixing my hair before the work day starts. You pay me from 8am you get me from 8am.

So for his dedicated 35 years he got £350 as a ‘gift.’
After much blinking and Jamaican cussing in my head, I had to work this out on a calculator.

That £350 works out to be £10 a year.
If you break it down much further that works out to be £0.19 a week.
19 pence a week for getting out of your bed, competing in the rush hour there and back, dedicating 35-40 hours a week over 35 years for a company that you played a part in helping build and remain strong in the financial sector.

Imagine if your boss came by to your desk every Friday, put £0.19 [30 cents] on your desk, and said thank you for your hard work this week? Wouldn’t you be vex? Wouldn’t you be looking for another job kowing that you’re worth more than that as a bonus and a thank you?

LondonDiva’s moral of the story is this….


My standards are HIGH! During the interview for this job we got on the subject of cars and I told my then-to-be boss about my reality to one day own an Audi R8. [See what I did there? I didn’t call it a desire, wish or a dream. I called it a reality. You do the same with yours]. I left that interview knowing that job was mine and as I waiting to cross the street and Audi R8 passed me by, I smiled and shook my head. I’d never seen one in London before. NEVER, and this is a city where people drive some nice expensive cars. I drool over this car when watching Iron-Man [sometimes I only watch this movie JUST to see the car…yes that’s how much I love it]. I look at it online on the Audi website and it’s even on my digital photo frame vision board.

By me seeing this car I saw it as a good luck omen. You know when YOU KNOW you see signs, when you see them and what they mean…well that was my moment. Explain it to anyone else and it’s a coincidence [which I don’t believe in] or you’re strange. As far as I was concerned it was a sign to sit tight, the job and that car when I’m running the show as my own boss will be coming to me. I got the job which I knew I already had, and my manager liked me enough in the interview to up the rate I requested to be put forward for.

This man [the old dude who’s been here for 35 years] is my inspiration! He reminds me I’m here for the very purpose I came back to work for and do what I need to do…

1. Save my money, and use it to make more money.
2. Pay off the last of my debts which I can do in a matter of months.


Not interested in a career. Don’t ask me about a 5 year plan, cause that’s just like cursing at me to my face! And not going on any courses to extend my knowledge either!

Every time I look at him he’s a reminder to stick to the plans I’m currently creating for myself and once 1 & 2 are completed get the HELL on out!

It’s not just the Trumps and the Winfrey’s that are inspiring when it comes to business. Sometimes it’s the little people, with no ambition, drive or determination to better themselves that inspire the hell out of you to NOT want to be like them.

So THANK YOU little Benjamin Button* looking old man, when I’m ready to celebrate my accomplishments and pick up my car from the dealership. I will think of you and have a splash of champagne in your honour!

*name withheld to save him from pure shame and embarrassment for not grabbing life by the balls and stepping out.


  1. They scare the heck outta me!

  2. Funny how others can inspire due to completely opposite reasons. The $350 in light of thirty five years of service is scary.

    Reality opposed to deeming it as desire, wish or dream - I like that. Must always remember this concept.


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