19 Jan 2010

When A Man Loves A Woman

As I type this I'm on mariahdaily.com looking at last night's pics of Mariah and Nick on the red carpet., my Blackberry is on shuffle and on pops Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman.  No better time than to write this blog post me thinks.

Nick Cannon gets so much slack for being Mr Mariah Carey. Luckily he's a man in his own right who rather than gets insecure about being in a relationship where his wife is more successful and earns more money, he goes out and creates more TV shows, hops on a plane to boost more business in China, puts more movies out, becomes the CEO of Teen Nick, gets more TV work on America's Got Talent, signs new artists, radio host as of tomorrow on NY's 92.3 NOW FM (WXRK-FM), Lord knows what else, and still has time to accompany his beautiful wife down the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards and hold the umbrella over her head whilst the paparazzi takes pictures of her in the rain. And to think Elin Woods was pregnant with Tiger's child and he was off screwing other women, when he should have been by her side holding umbrellas up over her head, rubbing her belly and damn knows what else.

I follow Nick and Mariah on Twitter and the man will go without sleep to catch the red eye flight from LA to New York just to be with Mariah on a TV appearance, then hop back to LA to fulfil his contractual work duties. Mariah will do the same, sit and stay in the DJ booth whilst Nick is working in a club in Vegas or Miami.

It seems that a man doing what a man should and being constantly attentive to his wife is just too much for some people to take or even comprehend. When you're married to your soul mate I don't think holding and guiding your woman to and from the car in 5 inch heels, holding her hand every time you step out and holding an umbrella over her head is too much. What on earth is happening to love and romance in the heads of some people in 2010? You don't like PDA's fine, but he's no more a butler to Mariah than a mother is a maid to her children. You do what you're supposed to do when you take on the role as wife, husband, mother, and father. Some on Twitter last night referred to Nick as Mariah's personal Fonzworth Bentley. I'm sorry I just saw him being an attentive husband to his wife. Funny how the same women will be all up in arms if a man didn't hold the door open for them, or walked off to the car leaving you standing under some shelter whilst it poured down with rain. If Nick had left Mariah standing there getting soaked, the same people would be talking about it's time for her to find a new man. I swear some brothas can't win for trying!

I love men like Nick Cannon I really do. He knows exactly what is being said about him, he makes reference to it that he knows and STILL continues to love both Mariah privately and publicly. I guess it's all manly to talk about how good you are in bed and how many hoes you slept with last night. Please give me the Tevin Campbell days back when a brotha was singing about being ready to love you, wanting to talk to you, getting to know you and what your name is. Or when Aaron Hall was wailing for 6 minutes and 22 seconds about how much he missed you. I don't want to hear about any foolishness that you invented sex, or what size are your breasts and booty cause I just wanna hit it right now. You me and my homies.

Physical support is just as important as emotional support. If I'm feeling a little wobbly in my 4.75 inch heels then yes I'd love for my man to hold to my hand to keep me steady. If it's raining, for him to do whatever he can to stop me from getting wet. Or if I'm sick to look after me till I'm better and vice versa. I want to be steady both physically and emotionally with the man I love, not be with a part-time asshole who's not man enough to show me affection in public and has the time to worry what everyone else is thinking. Make it a 24/7/365 thing.

I said it on twitter last night and I'll say it again. "I'd rather have a Nick Cannon over a Tiger Woods any day!" To a lot of people Nick is corny *raises hand* "I'll take corny over a disrespecting thug please"

Nick and other men like you, continue to hold that umbrella over her head, hold her hand and keep her steady, in every single way possible. It's the little things in a love life that keep it happy. Women need to learn to appreciate these things in men too. Mariah doesn't treat Nick like a lap dog because she's Mariah Carey, she's simply allowing Nick to be a man and care for her and for her not to be Miss Independent screaming "I GOT THIS" every damn minute. I'm sure Mariah can open a car door herself, but ever thought (a) Nick loves doing it for her and (b) she too loves him doing it for her? Ladies, it's not all about what he can BUY you and when you get it, any asshole with enough credit can do that. Assholes don't rub your back, feet and neck, run you a bath, hold an umbrella over your head for you and continue to do it out of the love and admiration they have for you. If it's for ulterior motives, in time it will stop. Only a real genuine man can keep it up. When the money runs out and all you have is each other, kisses and cuddles between the two of you are the best gift ever! And they don't cost a thing.

When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge

When a man loves a woman

Can't keep his mind on nothing else
He'll trade the world
For the good thing he's found
If she's bad he can't see it
She can do no wrong
Turn his back on his best friend
If he put her down

When a man loves a woman
Spend his very last dime
Tryin' to hold on to what he needs
He'd give up all his comfort
Sleep out in the rain
If she said that's the way it ought to be

Well, this man loves a woman
I gave you everything I had
Tryin' to hold on to your precious love
Baby, please don't treat me bad

When a man loves a woman
Down deep in his soul
She can bring him such misery
If she plays him for a fool
He's the last one to know
Lovin' eyes can't ever see

When a man loves a woman
He can do no wrong
He can never own some other girl
Yes when a man loves a woman
I know exactly how he feels
'Cause baby, baby, baby, you're my world

When a man loves a woman.....


  1. Hmmn...I dun c d harm in doin what Nick cannon does. heck, I think you're inclined to do such for a woman ONLY when you truly love her, whether you're that kinda guy or not. And that says a whole lot.

  2. I've never seen it like this but this makes me go Awww... I'm no fan of Mariah or Nick but give me corny, supportive, unashamed love any day! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I promise you, you are in my head today. I was going to blog about how much flack this man gets for loving his woman. I think this nonsense is more prevalent in the "black culture". In Africa a man seen as adhering to his wife is "under a petticoat government" and when I say adhere I don't mean her having the run of the household. I mean tiny things like calling her to get the ok to go out with the boys after work or checking in.

    An uncle of mine at weddings would always hold his wife's purse while she danced and when she was done dancing she would come back to her table and find he had got her something to drink. Oh my goodness...the amount of jokes the men in my family made about him until today is crazy.

    Back in the 1800's men would lay down their coats on top of a puddle so that a woman could cross without muddying her feet. Try finding a brother outside these clubs who will even lay his stolen knock off Sean John jacket on the ground for you. Not a chance.

  4. m watching BET (shoot me for that!) and heard this Young Money song 'Bed Rock' and just thought that songs these days are all about how they're going to do it none of the rnb guys sing about love unless its for love lost...smdh...
    Percy Sledge didnt lie! When a man loves you, you know and it shows..its beyond the hitting it or knocking the boots!No wonder Gerald L wanted to give everything to fall in love...some men know how to love their women and Nick is one of those men! I'll have Nick Cannon any day over Tiger, Diddy, Shaq et all!
    Love this post Diva!!

  5. I really loved the way you wrote this up, good momentum.

    Just like Myne I'm not a fan of neither of them but I do admire the relationship and I give a hi5 to Nick. He should ride on!

  6. I have always admired them as a couple, and disregarded the whole age difference stretch... Nick is very successful, and respectable as a man and person. Mariah is truly blessed! I'm sure alot of single black women could find that for themselves as well, but alot don't want to look past the rules of age, race, and their personal type. Mariah is a free spirit and she really looked passed the norm and just let go and fell in love. Good for them!

  7. You thoughts and your writing is so on point that it's pathetic. Not only do you reveal a truth that so many people should embrace, but you state so eloquently that it has a brother saying to himself, 'yes, this is what it's all about.'

    I constantly hear the noise surrounding Nick & Mariah. Like yourself, I hardly pay attention other than to shake my head in disgust and wonder to myself how the marriage of those are compared to the 'as oneness' of The Cannons.

    She is in love. He is in love. I am sure they hear the whispers, but, as rock star Prince stated: ....when two are in love, they whisper secrets only they two can hear....

  8. Tell them LD!! I must admit to being very cynical when they got married, but they treat each other with so much love and respect. A lot of people, men AND women, could learn a lot from this couple.

  9. You know the other day you were tweeting asking what this 'girl-crush' thing was all about? Well, this is what you have on Mariah Carey. No homo but you adore her and you're not afraid to shout about it. You officially have a girl crush my dear!

    PS. Let me back into your Twitter. It was a mistake I tell you Nads aka

  10. *draws a line under the neck several times*

    I’m sorry Stewie, I do not have any kind of ‘crush’ on Mariah Carey. I’m a die-hard fan and have been since I was 10 years old. Dies-hard fan yes, Stan no, because I’m not blinded by celebrity and when MC looks or sounds awful I’m able to quite honestly say so unlike those other nutter fans of hers.

    Admiration for someone’s craft and who they are as a human being is simply that, admiration. I give Mariah props because she deserves it, I buy her music because I like [most] of it. It’s helped me thorough the lowest of low points of my life, and she writes and produces her own material [except the few cover versions]. I like her rags to riches story and I admire her strength of character.

    Now someone I do have both a crush and admiration for is Will Smith. I’m aware of the thoughts in my head when I watch him in movies and those thoughts do not transcend to anyone of the female s*x.

    Is he fine? Great body? Yes and yes… [that’s a CRUSH]

    Do I admire his work ethic, how far he has come, his family values? Yes, yes, yes [ADMIRATION]

    I know the distinction between the two.

    A crush is definitive of some attraction to that person which can border on/include se*ual thoughts. So when I see pictures of Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian who have done absolutely NOTHING to be admired for [s*x tape and dating Kanye] and women saying “I have to admit my secret….” followed by “I have a girl crush on…” is a totally different kettle of fish. Those are women admitting a secret that they FANCY another woman. I can be OUT THERE in my admiration and respect for people like Mariah Carey, Tyler Perry and Michelle Obama because I’m a fan of that person for their story, their struggle and their inspiration to others through their work. I can say I am in awe pretty much every time I see Michelle O. I think she’s stunning, beautiful, the dog’s bollocks, but I’ll never preface it with ‘no homo.’ No need to. If I had a crush on anyone I’d say it.

    Click on the tabs under Tyler Perry and read how passionately I admire this man for how far he has come and what he continues to do. I love to see ‘regular’ people succeed and still remain human. It’s with this same passion that I admire Mariah and Michelle O. My friend was in Chicago getting her hair done when Michelle Obama walked in and sat down in the chair next to her. My friend could not speak, and she started to tear up. Because I KNOW my friend I know how she hard she admires certain people, and I got it. Maybe you don’t. So to be honest [as I always am] your comment DID rub me wrong way, because you haven’t got a clue. 20 years of sincere admiration for a person as an artist and a humanitarian compressed into a nonsensical phrase ‘girl crush.’ I take who I admire in real life with my friends and family as well as celebrities very seriously, even my associations with people on Twitter, they have to have content, substance, character. This is why I’m not on a “despite what he’s done I still buy R Kelly’s music” flex.

    I was going to and still may do a blog post on these terms on no homo and girl crush, which need to cease and desist. What happened to the day where females could say she’s beautiful and that was that? Now women are telling the world “before I complement you fellow female just to let you know I’m no homose*ual” or it’s the flip side “I really fancy you se*y lady” but I’mma play it down and preface it with ‘girl crush’. Anyone that uses either term from me gets nothing but the side eye.

    Re: Twitter, I got your request and tweets this morning. Unfortunartely can’t accept friends from Ubertwitter or the mobile application on my Blackberry. I have no Internet access at work, so when I get on my laptop at lunchtime, I’ll add you again.


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