9 Feb 2010

Thoughts Of The Day

  • What is my obsession with the Century Gothic font on Word, Excel and E-mail?
  • My mind is so blank right now; there aren’t many thoughts in there.
  • I still and always will hate Valentines Day.
  • Tired of people like Ray J and anything with a last name Kardashian.
  • I am so glad I have nipped procrastination in the bud. I realise you can only stop doing it when you WANT TO STOP DOING IT.
  • So Lil Wayne is going to jail. GOOD! Looking like a creature masked as a human being is a crime within itself.
  • I am obsessed with travel. I intend to make this year as full of it as possible even if it means longer weekend breaks to explore new places.
  • It will have to be drawn up in my wedding vows that my husband is adventurous and has the same desire to travel and I do. I can’t and won’t sit still. Life is too short; the world is a big and beautiful place.
  • Oh Lord at this black man in my office and his accent. Black people who speak like Del Boy and Rodney irk the hell out of me.
  • Today is a much better day than yesterday. Bastard devil trying to steal my joy! I took it RIGHT back!
  • Well at least it took me 39 days into 2010 for me to have a bad day. Before then it would have been everyday or every 2 days.
  • Looking at my ‘to-do-list’ for tonight. *downs the coffee*
  • Can February please slow down? Damn!!
  • I had a dream about the planet Pluto. The top half was cut off and multi-coloured sea shells were visible. When I looked again it looked like multi-coloured brain matter. I woke up itching like a mutha. I’m so disgusted by that. I want to take another shower. *itches*
  • Why they hell was I dreaming about Pluto anyway?
  • I don’t even want to know what that dream meant.
  • One of the following NEEDS to play at the Super bowl half-time show next year: Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi or Kings of Leon.
  • I personally think Jay-Z would be incredible!
  • The Who sucked! The last great half-time show was back in 2007 with Prince playing the awesome mash up of Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower/Foo Fighter’s Best of You in his set. Sheer brilliance! That recording can not be found anywhere. The only version I have is from Howard Stern’s radio show with them talking all over it. I don’t event think it can be found online anywhere. Prince is strict when it comes to his material online. If it’s up, it will be taken off in 5 minutes.
  • Tired of the sex obsessed on my Twitter timeline. Please get into a meaningful relationship. When it’s meaningful you don’t chat your personal business to a bunch of strangers.
  • Tired of those who blab LOST, 24, Grey’s Anatomy spoilers too. I can understand it on reality TV like American Idol where you don’t have to pay attention to a plot, but how are you so into the damn show and tweeting at the same time EVERY blasted scene. Have some respect for your international tweeters.
  • I’ve had some people actually think that our TV shows are on at the exact same time in the UK. “LondonDiva turn over to FOX ‘x, y, z’ is on!” Ummmmmm how can I break this down to you????
  • How do we as Brits know you have, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX etc but you are unaware we have our own channels? Take a trip outside of your American bubble and see we aren’t all the same.
  • I love Americans [more than Brits] but sometimes the stuff you come out with……
  • The one I loved the other day was the Re-Tweet about The Who who makes the CSI jingles. Ummm no it’s a classic song which CSI ‘USE’ as the theme tune.
  • So hotels in Cambodia start at £0.48 a night and you can get a 4 star hotel for £5 a night.
  • After looking at the Kuoni brochure last night I want to live in Bali and do nothing. OMG at how beautiful that place is.
  • TV Shows, reading magazines, reading online blog sites etc take up tooooooo much of my time. If only I’d learnt that years ago. I’m not missing anything by cutting these things out. When you get to the end of 2010 and didn’t achieve what you wanted total up how many man hours were wasted indulging in the things that didn’t can couldn’t benefit you.
  • Is everyone all over the world now making cupcakes?
  • Is being a make-up artist the new black profession? I wanna be a rapper/ball player/make-up artist.
  • It’s better than aspiring to be a video ho though, so more power to you.
  • Nicki Minaj needs to quit with this Barbie image. We all know she was a stud lesbian, looking and sounding like a boy and dressed like a boy. You Tube videos don’t lie sweetheart.
  • I was mildly depressed for 2 days after watching Precious.
  • You know you’re a Londoner when a woman faints on your train and all you can think about is “Oh Lord I don’t want to be late for work!”
  • Why do people always rep and praise fools like Lil Wayne yet reel of a list of dislikes and throw names at folks like Tyler Perry and Nick Cannon? Doesn’t that say a lot about your mindset? Beware of the company you keep and fools you support.
  • I REALLY want to see Bon Jovi at the O2 but refuse to pay £125 a ticket.
  • Thinking about it I’ve seen all my top fave acts live Mariah [twice], Linkin Park, Jay-Z and Prince!
  • Now I gotta see em again!!
  • I do NOT agree that Hendrix was the greatest guitar player of all time. Slash is way better and even he isn’t the greatest. [But he is to me]
  • I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Slash fan! Listening to his guitar riffs give me tingles.


  1. LOL @ the woman faints and all I can think about is 'I'm so going to be late'! Same as hearing 'The Victoria Line is delayed because of a person under the train at Vauxhall' makes you kiss your teeth and think why these people jump under the train at peak hours!
    Nicki Minaj needs to stop it RIGHT NOW!This black barbie thing needs to stop with her and any other black girl who wants to go all 'Barbie' on us..STOP IT FORTHWITH!!
    LIL WAYNE can go to jail and also take up safe sex education classes whilst he's at it..better yet can't they be the only classes he gets in jail!!

  2. Is everyone all over the world now making cupcakes?


    There are some hilarious and truthful statements being made here.

    Bingo @ I was mildly depressed for 2 days after watching Precious. I was a huge Bon Jovi fan back in junior high.


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