8 Feb 2010

Queen Latifah 'Singing' At The Super Bowl

A lot of people on Twitter were saying "why?" and "who told Queen she could sing?"

I was home alone watching this and felt VERY uncomfortable!


You Tube Comments

wow. that was uhhh painful to listen to. the sign language lady was better.

queen has so much talent but singing is not one of them.

has nothing to do with hating when someone just doesnt sound good...dont be so bias of someone you like when they obviously sound like garbage

just so bad. im embarrassed for her

Whitney would've taken 15 minutes to finish the song!

she messed up god she sucks

"America the Beautiful" should be our national anthem. This was an incredible performance by her majesty, the Queen. Thanks for posting this.


  1. I thought she did a decent job, a solid B, I mean she's no Whitney or Mariah but she's decent. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I dunno about doing ok...I think the rapper in her wanted to spit a 16...what in the foolery was that "uh" at the start of her singing?

    I sincerely believe multi faceted people have a problem of believing their own hype sometimes. She probably thought "Hey I'm an actor, a rapper, a business woman, I have decent pipes..WHY NOT?" Why not Queen is although you have the talents to do something you should question if you can do it 100% like everything else in your life. SMH

  3. Not very good but the video quality didn't help.

  4. Queen sent me to bed...yes its her fault I didnt stay up to watch the game..ok who am I kidding..I just recently started watching the Saturday American Football programme where they are schooling us on the game..so I wouldn't have understand what the heck was going on @ all, so I went to bed!!


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