15 Feb 2010

We Are The World - Then And Now 25 Years On

And yes that is Vince Vaughn in the back there. I know Jeff Bridges can sing, but did Vince think this was the 'Charity Song Crashers' or something? He looks so out of place.

If you still miss Michael then grab a tissue, because I started welling up from the sight of his glittery socks.

Nothing can touch the original classic. After watching both and becoming familiar again with the original which was released when I was 5 years old I can see why Jay-Z said his piece on not wanting any part of the remake. To me it was barely OK. There was rapping and auto-tune and Jamie Foxx still acting his part of Ray Charles in it. I guess that was his way of paying homage to Ray who featured in the original. You did a movie Jamie, it was enough and we thanked you already. The Academy thanked you. Now LEAVE IT ALONE! Watch the original version if you want to see legends that have passed like Ray and MJ and just a stellar yet simple well sung charity single.

I don't care what anyone says Michael was looking fine in this video. High water pants and all.

Wyclef and the howling, yelling and screeching. Lord have mercy! I quickly pressed pause, moved my cake to the left, to the left and let out a loud RAATID! I now have 6 foxes gathered at my front door after playing this.

The rap in the middle was unnecessary. Some people say it puts a stamp on music of today. Um I don't see any Run DMC or Sugarhill Gang in the original. Rap/Hip-Hop is not brand new! People need to remember this. Hip-Hop doesn't have to be anywhere and everywhere you know! Geez!!!

Nicole Scherzinger....really sweetie all that video and vocal time could have better gone to Pink, Celine, Barbara, Jennifer Hudson...Shoot, We should have just had Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Gladys Knight and Celine Dion sing the damn song and sent everybody else home!

Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and T-Pain had no place in this song. I didn't mind the parts by Kanye and Will.I.Am. maybe because you were able to pay attention to what they were saying as opposed to Busta, LL n dem waving their hands like we're getting down in a club.

Ummmmmmmmmm NO!

The original to me was flawless. You didn't have to know every artist in it from 25 years ago to appreciate it. They just went into the studio and did it justice.

I hope there's an option to buy the original as well as the new version, because the new version is NOT going on my ipod anytime soon.

So for all those saying "don't be so harsh, it's for a good cause." You can still NOT like the single. WON'T buy it, but can STILL donate to Haiti so stop your noise!

We Are The World

We Are The World 25

Here is my take on it whilst watching the new version.
So Justin Beiber is worthy of Lionel's opening line huh? This world is going to hell in a handbasket, and at the speed of light.
Who's that white woman after Nicole and J-Hud sing at the beginning?
With all the technology in the world that Janet/Michael split screen looked hella budget. And how many years had Janet been in the industry? You'd think she would have mastered the art of lip synching by now.

My Favourite vocals
Jennifer Hudson
Josh Groban
Barbara Streisand
Mary J Blige
Pink - Love her voice
I'm guessing the guy after her was Bebe Winans
Michael Jackson
Celine Dion - She has me always like a deer caught in the headlights
Jamie Foxx as Jamie Foxx
Fergie Ferg
Mary Mary
Kanye & Will.I.Am solos - I actually paid attention to what they were rapping about. More than I can say for that 'wave yo hands, let's throw up a gang sign at the end crap middle part' And WHAT THE HELL is Nicole's tired kitty cat ass doing next to Will.I.Am during his solo waving her arms like she's hitting a damn note? Oh she done pissed me off something chronic today with her over exposed self. Does she think this is her group always taking lead?

What The Hell Vocals
Justin Beiber
Miley Cyrus
Enrique Iglesias - Male Shakira nuff said
Toni Braxton - 2 decades on and I still don't get her transgender voice.
Akon - On everything that man does = a natural disaster.
Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles - Before we 'got it' it was over and I was pretty much like huh?
The rap in the middle - Oh if y'all could see my face now. I look like I just caught you in bed with my last cookie. MY FAVOURITE COOKIE. It actually makes me want to hurt somebody.

And why the bloody hell wasn't Slash on guitar in this song during the guitar riff parts. A solo by him over that rapping would have been much better.

Jordin Sparks, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Slash, Destiny's Child [reforming just for this song], Justin Timberlake, Bono, Bon Jovi, Chester Bennington [lead singer of Linkin Park], Axl Rose, Bruce Springsteen, Jody Watley, Christina Aguilera, or Boyz II Men are some artists I think would have served better taking the place of some of the people or just adding in there period.

Anyway my critique is solely of the video/song...nothing to do with the fact that's it's for a good cause regardless.

If you like it buy it, it will go to Haiti. If you didn't like it, don't buy it, you already know you can donate to Haiti via other means.


  1. "You did a movie Jamie, it was enough and we thanked you already. The Academy thanked you. Now LEAVE IT ALONE!".......

    the above just cracked me up...hahahahaha! ur so right girl...

    I dont understand why the Justin dude was there, like really? this is not a spotlight platform geez!
    why d heck did they allow autotune.....many questions....
    like Jay Z said too, there are some songs that shouldnt be touched

  2. Jay-Z *fans self just at mentioning that man's name* said it all..like Thriller, this song should've been left untouchable..and if Papa Joe tries a remake of Thriller I will personally slap that ol' man!!
    I was like what the heck is Nicole S doing there...and the auto-tune, the auto-tune..
    lol @ Jamie Foxx playing Ray...
    why can't I accept Michael Jackson is dead???

  3. I loved the original, I loved this one, video and all. Nice review though, you put a name to some of the faces I didn't recognise. I agree though, that young boy shouldn't have started it.

  4. Your comments are sooooo funny. I can't stop laughing. I hated this remake. I agree with your choices of who should have been included. Great review!


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