27 Apr 2010

3 Women, In 3 Different Cities, 'Linked' To 1 Wasteman!

This is a VERY VERY VERY small world. There is no way I could go without blogging today. I'm currently in Chicago visitng my friend, and took a break from blogging.

Not today!

There are 3 women, in 3 different cities London, Dallas, and Chicago, linked to 1 wasteman.
London - Me. The ex-girlfriend of Willie Toombs who you may remember me blogging about a few weeks ago. If you didn't check the labels 'cheating' I'm going to need to think of another term because ex-girlfriend doesn't sit right with me. How about 'that thing I used to deal with'??

Dallas - Where Willie Toombs resides and his cheating was carrying on with lord knows how many women.

Chicago - Where a reader of this blog reside and also happens to be the BFF of one of Willie's other girlfriends who is in Dallas.


I had thought that 'Chicago' had followed me on Twitter after I received an email from 'Dallas' this afternoon which basically let me know that she NOW knows of his cheating ways thanks to my blog, and confessed to actually not knowing I existed. I thought it was a case of, blog was read, now follow me on Twitter for some drama. I actually got it wrong [about 'Chicago'] and was told that she actually was reading my blog before this.

These men can't really seem to be getting away with anything these days no matter where in the damn world they are swinging their pathetic penises around. I hope 2010 is a year where more women out these bastards for boyfriends and husbands, whether they are celebrities or just round the way women duped into a web of lies by these pathalogical liars.

You know what's funny...I have a friend in the UK who's ex girlfriend is actually a FB buddy with Willie's cousin who he lives with in McKinney Tx. ISN'T IT AN EVEN SMALLER WORLD???? Don't know to the extent of how they know each other, but out of 6 billion people, the association with these 2 random dudes from Arkansas who live just outside of Dallas with people in the UK is so funny to me.

So today Willie Toombs has been found out YET AGAIN.

Good! Another woman now has the choice to stay or go after finding out about the real him. Liars and cheats take that right away from you when they want to carry on like nasty, slack individuals.

Do you know what pisses me off about this the most. The fact that he has Sickle Cell.

"Ummmm what has that got to do with anything LD?"

Give me a moment and I'll tell you. If you know anything about the disease, the life expectancy of someone who has the disease isn't all that long. Now you would think with the amount of times he has been sick and hospitalised he would have learned to appreciate the short time that we all have on this earth, and would try to live life to the fullest.

No! Not him!

What this ingrate wants to do is waste our muthafuckin time on him when we could be off with men who are loyal, devoted, respectful and FAITHFUL. Everyday we were 'with him' was a day we could have spent on a man who was truly deserving. My time is precious, when you waste it like that by having me invest time, money and emotions it really pisses me the fuck off.

After I got the email from the girl who he was cheating on me with, I said that I wasn't going to alter the previous blog posts and remove her name. She said I had the 'audacity' to put her name on the blog. *Kanye shrug* The reason I had the 'audacity' to put her name on there in the first place was because Willie told me that she knew about me. Yes that's right folks...that's what he said. She told me that Willie played himself off as being single.

Based on that, I'll remove her name from the 2 blog posts. I'm a part-time bitch, not a full-time one. He probably never thought his lies would come to light, so could say one thing to her and another to me.

One thing I vow NEVER to do as I live and breathe is remove his name from this blog. That will never be happening.

If anyone stumbles upon this blog and wants any questions asked about this man, then hit me up on e-mail or ask away in the comments section. I don't give a damn!


  1. Talk about cheating bastards. I dated this dude for eight months who kept asking me to marry him. I was beginning to consider it when I ran into an old girlfriend and one gist thing led to another and turns out he was asking her to marry him too. yep! at the same time. Then I found out he left his baby mama at the altar. literarily. it just went on and on.

    Go girl. I know its easier said, but you're definitely better off

  2. Oh I know I'm better off. And I'm glad you didn't waste any more of your time with that ex of yours.

  3. Its 2012 in this dude is still at the same crap with several different women around the Dallas metro-area misleading them.


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