27 Apr 2010

Cry Me A River!

from Mr Cheat
to LondonDiva

date27 April 2010 02:19
subject: Congratulations.

Hello *****,

There is a saying that says..." The pen is mightier than the sword." Well, you have certainly proven that quote to be absolutely correct. Your blog has been quite effective. Everyone that you hoped would see the blog has read it including family. Everyone now knows that I am a "...piece of shit of a scheming, low life, trifling, immature, jumped up excuse of a man...." according to you. I have recieved a tremendous amount of backlash and still continue to recieve it. It has had an adverse affect on my personal life, professional life and now it is starting to take a toll on my health. I have gone through quite a bit since your blogs have been posted. I have been dealing with a lot lately and I have lost quite a bit due to my actions and I am tired. I just want to move on with my life. I am offically tapping out. Congratulations Ms. ******. Mission Accomplished.

So now I ask, Please remove your blogs concerning me.


from LondonDiva
to"Mr Cheat"

date27 April 2010 10:47
subject: Re: Congratulations.

**kanye shrug**

ShonaVixen had more to say than me.
"Exactly I've read his email PLENTY times at no point does he acknowledge his wrong doing ...he even has the cheek to put in 'according to you' like he's not ALL those things you said, like HE DIDN'T DO all those thing...and did he say sorry..oh no! NEGRO- GROW UP and know that BLOG stays...there are consequences to his actions and well he's going through it all...he should've asked Tiger...FOOL!!

That blog stays...you taking off that other female's name is all you could do..so now he thinks he can get you to take down the blog??WHY?? ONE GOOD REASON WILLIE..GIVE US ONE GOOD REASON!! Yep...stuttter, stutter!"
"Do the crime, you do the time."
"Actions create reactions."
"What goes around, comes around."

If I was a habitual liar and a cheat I would expect for it to come back on me too at some point. That's why I remain faithful and loyal when I'm with someone and also it just isn't my style. I don't intentionally set out to hurt somebody. Never recieved a heartfelt apology. In fact never recieved one at all. Yet STILL I'm supposed to be doing him a favour???

The blog stays!! I don't owe him anything. I owe the ones that comes after me to know what they are getting in to. Be lucky I never posted anything on the sites below.

It really kills me that folks want to act all brand new when they've been found out, then act hella pitiful asking me to do them a favour.

So let me get this straight, you want to lie, cheat, then lie some more, not apologise, then get all upset that one of the ones you dogged called you out???

Those two blogs airing my dirty laudry were going to be the beginning and the end, but then the e-mail....Nah bruv, he can keep all the other ones you cheated on as friends, I AM NOT THE ONE!
The sun is shining in Chi-Town. Let me go out and enjoy my damn self!


  1. LMAO @*kayne shrug*

    Good for him! If all cheaters got this backlash, maybe they'd think twice.

    Good on you LD!

  2. That's what I'm saying. The 'stand by your man' brigade have spoiled these men for far too long.

  3. Who is he, George Bush with that Mission Accomplished bs? Boy bye!!! Q

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  5. There is a reaction for every action, but lets stop this men cheat bs because all sexes cheat. Men hurt women and women hurt men that just the way it is and if u do something f cked up 2 someone then u deal with the punishment as a man or female. Just because you don't cheat doesn't make u a good person and I don't mean u I mean people in general.Good Read!

  6. @25champ what are you talking about? As a heterosexual woman who was cheated on by a man OF COURSE I'm going to post about a man cheating, or "this men cheat bs" as you put it. I'm talking about a REAL situation here. Not just an 'in general' blog post.

    If you are talking about me referring to "all men being cheaters" then you really need to scan through my blog posts especially under the 'cheating' label. I stand firmly in the belief that NOT all men are cheats and NOT all men are dogs. I DO NOT condone cheating from either men or women. My female friends already know they could never come to me and expect sympathy if they had cheated on their men. I'm not a man hater. I don't believe they are all the same. I have experienced good men in my life and know they exist. Tarring all men with the same brush is not my bag at all.

  7. I feel u sis I wasn't implying that u were a male basher but cheating ass men do come up a lot. I know it's frm a womans perspective I just think that ppl are just fucked up in general. I haven't ready all of ur post so I took what I heard for face value.I can eat my words.

  8. @25Champ the sad reason why cheating men come up a lot, is because the sad state of affairs is just that, there are a lot. I guess it's the same where women are talked a lot about by other men about being gold diggers and only wanting a man for material wealth and possessions.

    Men get tired of reading/hearing about cheating men, the same goes for women too. Unfortunately, that is common place in our society.


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