22 Apr 2010

Wanna Hear Brandy As 'BrandNu The Rapper'?

I'm writing this whilst BrandNu spits her verse. I'm boppin my head...I like it. I'm feeling it. I really am. 

I can tolerate her voice over Nicki Minaj's any day. I must admit I was scared to hear it. I was nervous for Brandy and her transition when I heard in 09 that Brandy was going to be switching it up and coming out as BrandNu and a rapper. I was kinda side eyein' her, but you know what....Brandy/BrandNu is doing her thing. She did a better job than Ciara on that video promo that was doing the rounds yesterday on the www for her new album. Was she coming back as a boxer defending her title or as an artist? 

Now folks I know this may sound a lil off but am I the only one kinda irked about Ciara's hands especially her fingers? **SHUDDERS** Watch the vid you might get what I mean....They're just so....skinny and long and creepy.

What do you think about BrandNu? No video yet just the track.

Not really feeling the "I am a bad bish" tude in this promo video.


  1. I'm not really feeling her in the song but I'm not a big rap fan anyways.

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