21 Apr 2010

Ciara - 'Ride'

..."and to my left ladies and gentlemen we have Ciara looking a little Wanda Sykes-ish..."

First off, old faithful LD Blog readers know when it comes to dancers in the entertainment industry, I will rep for Ciara. The girl is bad [in the good sense] when it comes to dancing, and I personally don't get all the Aaliyah v Ciara when it comes to "who is the better dancer" talk 7 years since Ciara's been in the business and 9 years since Aaliyah's passing. As for her singing, well....I just call it speaking in rhythm.

So Ciara is back with Ride her latest single off her soon to be new album 'Basic Instinct'. Now I really don't jump on new songs and videos as soon as they get released. Everybody and anybody is claiming an exclusive on their blog/site, and I feel like I've already heard the song and seen the video [without seeing it] from everyone's on-line critique.

So I decide to go and look. I'm watching and I'm just sitting there like...OK....Whatever during the whole video. I can see why the fellas were saying a whole lot, and heard nothing much from the ladies.

Now Ciara brings it with the moves, we know she's a badass on the dancefloor, but I am OVERLY tired with the over sexualization of every damn thing in the 21st Century. One thing [aside from singing] that Ciara should stay away from is trying to be sexy. She comes across as trying to hard, that it almost looks uncomfortable and at times, painful to watch.

First off, Ciara should never make reference to her ass in any song. How can you make reference to something that doesn't really exist?

I actually felt ashamed for her ass during Ludacris's rap. What exactly were we supposed to be looking at? Was that actually a side shot of her ass? I am asking. Seriously!

No bony knee caps in shot either with Luda please! Did Ciara really give this video the green light to be released?

What was up with the swimsuit and fur coat people? You know PETA are gonna have a field day with this tomorrow unless Ci-Ci reassures them that it was indeed faux fur.

I don't think Ciara looked good in that swimsuit. I really don't. Granted she's toned and all, but she still looked a lil hungry to me.
The lyrics. Bragging about how good she rides it, and how much he loves it. My question is this, if it's so damn good to dedicate a whole song to your sexual skills and how well you can master the 'pole,' why aren't Fiddy and Bow Wow coming back for more? All of this talk from either men or women about how good their sex game is, is pretty lame to me. I'm sorry, I don't believe Ciara is that great in bed. I want to see a sex tape, and until I do I stand by my statement.
"They love the way I ride it" I wonder how many 'they's' Ciara is actually referring to?

I'm not impressed. I'm really not. Is this what you have to do to stay relevant as a young black woman in the music industry these days? If I hear Ciara reel off some garbage about she did this song, because she wanted to free herself of her good girl image I'm going to scream. So you had some sex, big deal, pretty much all of us have, and now some of these women think it's necessary to bore us with the senseless details via a song like they are the first ones to have a vagina and use it?

Wasn't this the same girl who came to us back in 2003 talking about she wasn't giving up her Goodies? I thought great, a young black woman actually making a song which was telling us all, you may want it, but you ain't gonna get it. Now she's telling us just how she rides it.

I swear I really miss the damn 90's where music was a lil more romantic. Sistas wanted to be held and loved. Karen White poured her heart out over eggs, coffee and orange juice. OK not so romantic with that example. A brotha wanted to talk, hold your hand, take you out on a date and no where did it involve slapping your ass, or talking about one. Yes, I'm referring to tri-sexual Tevin Campbell. I know, I know we didn't know back in 92-93 what the future held as far as Tevin's gay antics, but as far as we were concerned Tevin was speaking to us and only us. I'm going to cherish this moment that Justin Bieber is around and still legal, because at least if I listen to him right now I'm guaranteed not to hear anything about sex or making a girl's bed rock [I Hope].

I wonder how many pre-pubescent girls are going to be singing about riding some guy in the streets on their way to school upstairs on the 250 bus?

I got pretty bored of Ciara about 2 albums ago. I don't know what she's bringing in this new album. Maybe I'll be a bit nicer on the next track she releases. **shrugs**

I'm only 30 y'all, but I'm tired...SO SO tired of sex, sex, sex in every damn song.

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  1. Thank you for validating the fact that I am NOT a hater. I thought pretty much the same thoughts when I watched a portion of the video. I think Ciara is a cute girl and she is very toned. But no ass to speak of and the swimsuit and fur KILLED me. 50 and Bowezzy have said nothing of her sexual prowess so umm next!


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