15 Apr 2010

Crack Is Wack Whitney! As Did Your Voice, Over And Over!

What in the living hell.......?
Jesus be a .....
Jesus take the damn wheel... Just take the damn mic away from this woman PLEASE!!!

This is what came out of the mouth of Whitney Houston two nights ago on the UK leg of her tour in Birmingham. 

Those poor bastards!

I love the way at the 2:20 mark Whitney steps away from the mic like something fantastic is about to follow. Oh something followed all right....a pile of hot steaming....anyway you be the judge.

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  1. Almost appears as if Whitney has realized the damage in her vocal chords and pretty much creates mirrors here and there during the performance of this song. That is the sense that I receive from watching performances of this particular classic.

    In '93 I met Whitney Houston at an ATL concert and I just remember her being so down to earth and pleasant. So, even through their dark years, I always wanted to see her breakthrough.

    She barely sounds like the Whitney of old.


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