27 Apr 2010

Fellas Say This....The Ladies Say That!

Alright, I've noticed a distinct difference over the past month comments, messages I've recieved about the cheating expose blog posts I've done from both men and women.

1. I have moved on. I'm not stuck on this dude. Me exposing his ways is something that I felt needed to be done via my blog and I have done that. Please don't get it confused. The only feeling I have for this person is dislike, not hatred. If he wants to e-mail me then fine. Just know some it may get posted.

2. Fellas please go 'head thinking this is too harsh etc. Seperate yourself from this fool and stop the brothaman kinship where in this case you need to distance yourself from men like this, especially if you are a good man. I don't stand on the sidelines everytime a woman does something out of order and support her JUST because she is a woman. It does not suit you. Reading what I wrote for some maybe a wake up call to themselves to keep themselves in check. You get a few female celebrities putting their husbands on blast, divorcing them, not working it, women like myself putting their business on blast for whoever to see with an ISP, now some fellas wanna act a lil scared. Act scared!

3. I am not part of the 'stand by your man' brigade. For me this was a public service. Which has served it's purpose. My blog posts are no different to websites created out there for women and men to expose individuals. I choose not to do it anonymously. Most people that know me know I go by this handle and have done for well over 10 years.

4. It was more about my own therapy and getting my shit out rather than revenge. If you see it solely as revenge then hey *another Kanye shrug*

5. I am allowed to be bitter over any damn thing I choose to be in my life. Was I bitter? Yes. Am I bitter now? No the hell I am not. I made a concious decision to keep those who wanted to know updated. Like I said certain things I keep private, certain things I don't care who knows. This was one of them.

6. The ladies seem to be OK with my posts. I wonder why? Probably because they too have experienced it and reading about cheating men 24/7, 365 in every damn newspaper and magazine they are just sick of it. Maybe they liked that I had the balls not to be a broken woman about mine and tell it like it is. Who knows??

7. If you are a trife man or woman and don't know how to act right, then maybe, just maybe you deserve to have someone expose you. Why should your ways go unnoticed and remain hidden?

8. Please. Before you want to comment and say "LD how could you....?" go on and ask him "how could he...?" THEN and only then ask me that?

9. Regrets???? None. I'm sleeping very soundly at night.

10. The cousin who I mentioned in the blog posts [not by name] removed me from his FB today. I expected that to happen months ago. Maybe some folks think I may go on and start exposing them. Nope. I only had time to talk about my own personal ish. I am expecting rumours to be flying around that I'm crazy, hateful and vengeful and to watch out cause LD may start emailing them ish. I have to remember I'm dealing with an habitual liar here and be prepared. I have not and will not be e-mailing anybody 'spilling info' without prompting. My business is here in the open. I'm a very honest person. If you come to me wanting answers, details, dates etc well then hey I'll be more than happy to say what I know and not fabricate anything.

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