28 Apr 2010

Official World Cup Song [Chosen By FIFA] 'This Time For Africa' by.....


I love Shakira [whose background is Columbian and Lebanese], I really do, I think she makes some cool catchy tunes, is an 'effortless beauty' as I call her, my 'Latina' BFF in my head, and a badass belly dancer. She just comes across as exceptionally nice, personal, likeable and very charismatic. Notice I never said not a damn about her vocal ability.

I think this song by Akon and Keri Hilson would have been more fitting for the Official song [IF THEY WANTED TO TAKE IT MAINSTREAM]. There will be plenty of World Cup songs made by countries from all over the world, but it would have been nice to have the OFFICIAL track performed by someone from the damn continent. I'm sure my African blog readers can name artists from countries all over Africa who could have and should have represented for the OFFICIAL song. It would be nice to take an artist who is NOT mainstream and give them major exposure for such a global event.

You Tube comments are the best I swear: Go on tell us why you mad son!!

As a South African I am seriously insulted by this shit!!!!
If this is the quality that FIFA believes is good enough for a South African world cup they can go to hell Wavin Flag Sung by a African is a billion times better than this shit. With freshly Ground ??? where they have such a small part in it they could have just left them out..... FUCK FIFA FUCK SHAKIRA AND FUCK EVERYONE WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH SOUTH AFRICAN OR AFRICAN TALENT AND YES I AM REALLY THIS FUCKED OFF ABOUT THE SHIT SONG!!!!!!

This song is an old camerounian army song
"Za mina mina hé hé waka waka hé hé" means come come hé hé do it do it hé hé
"Zaminamina zangalewa ana wan a a" means come come, do it well it's the right thing to do a a.
"yango hé hé zaminana zangalewa" means wait hé hé come
sorry for my english

A lot of comments said 'Wavin Flags' was a better song performed by K'naan and David Bisball [who seems to dominate most of the damn song]. David is a Spanish pop singer.


  1. The Akon & Keri Hilson song has been featuring on Pepsi ads and in my mind K'Naan's Waving Flags (the remix with Banky W from Nigeria and not this one with David whateva his name is..lol) is the Official World Cup song...yes I'm making that MY OFFICIAL WORLD CUP song..stuff what everyone else says!!
    *humming - and then it goes back, and then goes it back*

  2. PS: Shakira should stick to making her lips not lie...yeah dance Shakira..just dance...

  3. The truth is that an auto-tuned Shakira not withstanding, her song is the only one of the three that has not been over used. Akon for pepsi and Knaan for Coke, Haiti and with this video for Spain too. All songs are good though, I would like to see Waving flag with Banky.


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