11 Apr 2010

Rihanna Ain't No Rockstar! Janet, Show Her How It's Done!

I was so very mad at this performance. Being a woman who loves her fair share of rock and alternative music, this was far from a lesson in 'How to Be a Rockstar 101,' and more like...well I don't even know what it was like to be honest.

Rihanna has the nerve to throw down the microphone, pick up a black guitar, and attempted to play next to a budget Slash what looked like 2 chords of what she probably learnt in her dressing room before going on stage.

What was that all about?
NEVER pick up a guitar unless you know how to use it!

I am a huge Prince and Slash fan. Both living legends know how to master the guitar, and when I see it being put to use like that a little part inside of me dies. I am a lover of Slash's guitar solos in classic hits like November Rain and Sweet Child O' Mine. Adding to that his sultry and sexy 59 second intro on Guns N Roses cover of The Dead Boys track 'Ain't it Fun.' [That is one of my 2 'stripper songs'...and if you missed that archived blog you can find it here!]

I like Rihanna, I have her last 2 albums, but what I do not like are the lacklustre performances. She delivers like she is somewhat uncomfortable on stage, and it shows. Not a lot of black female artists go the rock route, but one who temporarily went the rock route for a track was Janet Jackson and she did it well.

As far as attempting to perform and deliver a rock song I think Rihanna should look up 'Black Cat 'on You Tube. She needs to learn from Miss Jackson how you're supposed to headbang to your own song, perform it and deliver.

A great wearer of fashion and a beautiful woman you are Rihanna, but a Rockstar honey you are not!! As for the 101, how dare you!! Plenty of women without a record deal and a PVC bodysuit know how to headbang and to a track with a mirror and a hair brush. We do not need lessons from you! 

Take note!


  1. i didnt get what u were on about with the headbang n all, after seeing Black cat...*smh* Riri....c'mon girl, what was that bout? unless she had a migraine from partying like a rockstar the night before...she has no excuse whatsoever!

  2. Ha! Yep I saw the performance. Kinda struck my oddly when she pretended to play the guitar, which is/was a bad move on the part of Rihanna. Maybe it works with her audience but, as you stated, for the music purist it's somewhat juvenile.

  3. Not only all that, she pretended to play the guitar.
    In some parts she supposedly played with vibrato, but her fingers didn't move at all.
    Really Rihanna? Really?


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