19 May 2010

Chris Rock Talks Good Hair In Brixton Monday May 24th

Thank God for Twitter!

I saw a tweet from @RitzyCinema

I do NOT play. Chris Rock, Paul Mooney, the late Bernie Mac & Dave Chappelle I can class as some of my my fave comedians. I was buying Chris Rock comedy shows on VHS in the US before DVD and the internet even existed!!! Remember CB4, Def Comedy Jam and Pookie the crack head in New Jack City??

I Re-Tweeted, the message then trawled through the website. NOTHING.

Called the Box Office on 0871 704 2068 and booked a ticket for £8.00 [including booking fee]

The tickets went on sale about 2 hrs ago. I managed to snag a front row seat. I will sit there with a crick neck watching this movie, Chris Rock will be in the house, do you think I care in this instance about a back row seat????

The seats for this event are allocated so you have to specify where you want to sit at the time of booking.

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