16 May 2010

OK...What Is This Chick's Actual Job???

Teyana Taylor is getting a lot of love on her Twitter with her re-tweeting compliments from her 'fans' on her singing an Alicia 'assistant homewrecker' Keys song 'Unthinkable'
Damn, @TEYANATAYLOR singing "unthinkable" sent chills up my spine...that chile kan SANG
wow your unthinkable cover is going straight on my pod! :) 
@teyanataylor smashed her unthinkable cover!!! with her own twist
Nasal and all, YOU KILT IT!!! 
Errr I don't think it warranted multiple 'damns' and 'chills down the spine.'

Question: What the hell does she do for a living?? Don't tell me what she did, I know about 'Google Me' and the Sweet Sixteen episode..WHAT DOES SHE DO NOW?

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