23 Jun 2010

Hold On! What Is Driss Mr Elba?

A 'big raas claat tune' this is not!

People wanna get on Jay for still being in the rap game at 40...and you got Idris doing what exactly with this nonsense at age 37? 

Jay has earned his place, let him shine and continue to do his thing. I for one am not complaining about his presence in the industry. 

If you've made a name for yourself in the US and the UK, I'd expect it to be a little bit more put together than this. I'm hoping this is actually a hobby, more so that a full fledged attempt at teasing us with what's to come in the form of an album.

When did Idrissa Akuna Elba become a Jamaican is what I would like to know? With roots from Sierra Leone and Ghana it would have been nice for him to pay a little homage to his roots with a liccle mix and blend instead of murdering a genre with the most awful and cringe worthy patois. Just what genre was this anyway? I'm confused by that as well as the waste of a pointless 1:31 intro of nothing.  He needs to stick to what he does best, American accents and acting and leave the patois dialect and music career well and truly alone. 

A doo rag Idrissa? Really?

I don't know what the aim is for the video or the tune, song, record, sin ting? All I know is I listened with the intent of forming a non-biased opinion. If it was good I would have said so, but it's not. I'm not an Idris fan, I don't become moist at the sight of him and I don't get the hype. There are a lot of ladies that do, so maybe this will be 4:38 of pure pleasure for them.

Never thought I'd say, this but I'd prefer to listen to Bangs from Sudan. Seriously!

One UK actor who actually makes the transition from big screen to studio booth which is more bearable is Adam Deacon. 


  1. I used to like him till last night when he made a comment about the Nigerian football players about them going back home to eat 'Phu Phu',....what the ehck is phu phu...it is FUFU...it showed his ignorance.....hiss

  2. Yes I thought Idris looked good in Daddy's Little Girls now thinking about it maybe it was Gabrielle Union who made him look good!
    Yes like @funms-the-rebirth that phu phu comment got me so vexed..ignorance isn't cool..he really should stick to being Stringer Bell oh wait Stringer's dead..so yeah stick to accents and whatever and stop this!!And for some-one with an African background well West African to be precise and not know the spelling of fufu?I'm Southern African and NEVER have I phonetically spelt FUFU...KMT!!

  3. Lawd a gawd!! Is whe him a get dat deh piece a 'accent'?

    Why Idris, why?????

  4. I know I should phrase this alot better because I'm educated(apparently) but the onle thing I could think of to comment with was PMSL!!!! You are all right, I think alot of stars esp hiphop stars have a thing for jamaican accent whilst neglecting their own culture roots. idris is a very fine chocolate brother(sorry London Diva) but accents aside from an american one are not his FORTE. have you seen him in the film One love with Ky-Mani Marley and Cherine Anderson? He's playing a Jamaican and its not a pretty sight!!!!


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