24 Jun 2010

Just Do You!...Keep It Moving!

So I'm sitting here 10-11pm at night on a Tuesday, typing up some blogs to be posted for the next day and I get a 'ding dong' on the Blackberry. A reply on UberTwitter. I check it and see the following.

I'm thinking, "who the fuck is this? I'm not following this person. I don't recognise this person. Program? What Program? The only thing I've talked about today was the England match." I check Twitter on the web to see what it's in response to as I'm baffled. It's in response to a tweet I wrote in the early hours of Sunday morning whilst watching a repeat of Peckham Finishing School. The early hours of Sunday morning ya know!! 44 minutes after Saturday night done! So technically to me that was Sat-day, now I get this pon When-day? Yes Wednesday!

So I'm thinking..."the reply was a DIRECT reply to my tweet, although I have no idea who the hell you are on Twitter?" then it clicked. It was Peaches on Twitter tweeting me whilst Part 2 of the program was on air on BBC3.
Do people actually scour Twitter in the search field looking for things said about them, because this is how it came across to me? Who does that? I keep it to my timeline and any replies to me. I'm not out there searching for different variations of LondonDiva on Twitter. I tweet profusely all day everyday and must have clocked up 300-400 tweets since Sunday morning, so I know for a fact you wouldn't have seen that tweet in my timeline with ease.

JUST YESTERDAY! JUST YESTERDAY folks I tweeted "I am extremely comfortable & content with who I am. Are you? (A lil something to ask yourself & think about tweet)"

People who are content and comfortable with themselves don't feel the need to seek out criticism directed at them, then go ahead and justify it. If you decide to go on television then expect to be talked about in someway shape or form. Hey, it comes with the territory. Jesus himself wasn't liked by all, and our black arses ain't Jesus so people are gonna chit-chat-chot about us until the day we die.

One thing I refuse to do from now on, is to tell people who I am and how I am, especially if it's in a setting where the person is coming at me/has come at me in some way. You know why? That person in that particular place and time has not got my back, has not got my best interests at heart and simply DOES.NOT.KNOW.ME. 

I know me, my family and friends know me. The ones that call me, love me and care for me are the ones whose opinion of me matter [but only to an extent]. Everyone else can go jump.That whole response didn't reek of confidence to me, it reeked of insecurity. You search Twitter for something referring to you which is 4 days old and give it the "I am who I am" speech. What LondonDiva thinks of Peaches is irrelevant if Peaches is cool with Peaches.

Don't roll up to someone who was talking about you, whether it be on Twitter or the street and just start justifying yourself to them and apologising for it. I couldn't do that. I KNOW people chat about me in a not so good light and that's fine...let them get on with it because the kudos, props, praise and admiration for the ones I count in my life outweigh all that mess tenfold. I'm cool with me. I'm comfortable with me. I'm content with me, and maybe Peaches should adopt the same for herself and stop worrying about other people think of her. I'm not the first and I certainly will not be the last to say something she may not like. What is she going to do, text, phone, BBM, tweet, facebook, MySpace, IM, post a letter, leave a voicemail, send a carrier pigeon to everyone that utters a word about her and set them straight in some way even if it's in a polite manner?

You're gonna be awfully busy love. You got time.

Moral of the story which ties in with my tweet from yesterday? Don't give a frickety frack-a-lack-lack-fuck what anyone thinks about you. Just do you and keep it moving whilst wearing some mighty comfortable shoes cause you're going to be doing a lot of that. People are gonna talk all the live long day about you. That's life!


  1. Be you, be comfortable in your own skin, the way you talk etc you don't have to explain yourself or apologise to ANYONE for who you are!!So yeah Peaches, do you!

  2. Well said LD and I agree Shona.
    If you are not comfortable in your own skin, then you need to start with that first.

    I liken myself to Marmite; you either love me or hate. There's no inbetween!


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