28 Jul 2010

Kanye West On Twitter & That Infamous George Bush Outburst!

“Mr West is in the building...”

...the Twitter building that is. Funnily enough I was actually thinking just a few days ago, "when is Kanye going to jump on board the Twitter bandwagon?"

Today is the day folks.

I really hope he’s just as arrogant on Twitter as he is in real life. Why? I have a penchant for cocky, arrogant folks, especially ones who are actually talented. Plus he's comedy...even when he's trying not to be. 

How long it will take for Kanye to reach 1,000,000 followers?
How long before Kanye has his first Twitter outburst?
How long before Kanye tells another celeb on Twitter "hold on, I'mma let you finish, but I tweeted the greatest tweet of all time?"
How long before Kanye shuts down his account complaining about all the 'haters?' Only to set another one up demanding Twitter restore all of his followers, tweet count and content?

    The #1 person on Twitter with the most followers is Britney Spears. Kayne is NOT going to like that at all, even though it took him over three years to join, on day 1 you know he expects to have 6 million followers in 24 hours.

    As I write this, in 3 hours Kanye has 46,111 followers. Let's see how long before he breaks the 1 million mark, and gets into the Top 10 most popular celebs on Twitter.

    Blast From The Past:
    The look on Mike Myers face is STILL priceless to this day. A very emotional Kanye deviates from the autocue to go on his infamous George Bush rant. Mike is saying in his head "This is NOT on the autocue. Oh my Jesus.....Let me proceed to occassionally look at Mr West...to the people...to Mr West...to the people...nod....no not at that part....OK I can nod at that part....holy shit we're live...I can't do a damn thing...If I stand real still maybe no one will even notice I'm here!" 

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    1. Mike Myer's face Classic! I'm sure I'm sure Mr. West won't dissappoint.Good Read!

    2. its Chris Tucker's face thats funny too!!! Oh I'm so happy 'Ye is on Twitter..the only celeb I'm actually hyped about joining twitter...now waiting on Simon Cowell and Jose Mourinho...I like them arrogant..lol..ooh and Jay..lol..


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