26 Jul 2010

Word On The Tweet: Hideaway

Thanks to @seraa on Twitter for tweeting about this place in South London's Streatham, or Saint Reatham if you're an uppity, saddity fool trying to make the area seem all posh by mispronunciation.

"Hideaway features the very best Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul and R&B musicians, showcasing new talent, established artists and star performers. Our weekly comedy nights will present the very best of a new generation of stand-up comedians that are performing on the London circuit.
The stylish environment of our club creates a laid back, relaxed ambiance where you can really appreciate great live music."

I'm a South Londoner and Streatham is only one short 15 minute bus ride away so will be checking this place out at some point. Nice to know there are places like this in South London that exist.

Hideaway's website
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