25 Jul 2010

MAC Rodarte - The Petition! Sign It! Help Save Lives!

I'm not a make-up enthusiast, but follow a few on Twitter. I was alerted to the MAC Rodarte controversy by @wandesworld and read about it here on @vexinthecity website.

You can also check out this feature on Colour Lines where Vex In The City is mentioned among other bloggers who did their online activist part to raise awareness to their readers.

On Colour Lines it stated: "MAC announced it plans to change the names of the offending products and send $100,000 to a still-unnamed charity that benefits Juarez" 

To a lot of people this just isn't good enough and on Vex In The City's site she states the purpose of the petition:

"The petition calls for MAC to donate 100% of the profits from this the Rodarte collection and names three reputable charities recommended by  Amigos de las Mujeres de Juarez and Casa Amiga - two reputable non profit agencies working with families who have been affected by the Juarez femicides." 

If you have time to come on my site and catch up on my rants, then take some time to sign the petition and make a difference. I'm not even asking you. In this instance I'm telling you to. Get your priorities straight. Doesn't take more than 2 minutes. I actually timed myself and it took approximately 38 seconds!
Go here to do your part!

Please & Thank You!

Many Thanks to Olivia from Healing Beauty for setting the peition up and for Vex In The City for spreading the word via Olivia.

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