28 Jul 2010

Music Murderation: EK9 - Look At Yu Now


There are just no words for this. I...um...are we really supposed to be hating on him? I must have missed the memo. Love the grannies in the background passing by with their shopping. Classic!!

This is how it's labelled on You Tube "EKNine- Look At Yu Now Official Video for the club smash Look At Yu Now!"

During the 'track' after he says "a top MC" what the hell comes after that??? Sounds like another backsidin language! "someting someting send fi mi" ??????????????????? I don't even think it's worth our time to find out.

You Tube Comments:
This needs subtitles or something, cause aside from the hook, can't understand a word that's being 'rapped', and I use that word lightly...

LOL you should have done as all a favour and jumped infront of the bus mate at bout 2:13 mate. that would have prob been more entertaining, you come across as a waste breh!

blud... im speechless..wats wrong wid man 

Breathe in , Breathe out LOL mans runnin out breath like whoa, WTF how can you try to spit bars if ur tryin to chase the rhythm, should have come betta then bro and dun yur homework!

please tell me logic behind this video and mymans bars who would actually want a collab loool, you should listen to the haters, and top mc looool you should go to real music set and see the reply u get for makin that statment lol and as for the old women in the background she is repping your ends more then you

You are either the most genius comedian or the biggest wasteman the planet has ever known.
I'm guessing the latter.

bro im not hating on you in any way shape or form.. but you are officially the most non talented rapper i have ever heard.. your rhyme scheme is laughable your lyrics are at best childish. your hooks is not even a hook and most importantly your not rapping your mummering. PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN FUTURE GET A JOB AND WORK cos your not going to become a top mc.

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  1. Dead and Gone and playing with Casper!!!!...who in the world would want a collabo with him?Top MC?I'd like to know what he's smoking


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