28 Jul 2010

Music Murderation: Shardinay - Oh Boy!

This one has turned into a Twitter/You Tube sensation for all of the wrong reasons. She even has a show this Sunday you can read all about it on Mad News Blog here. I have to thank @vexinthecity [in a warped way] for exposing me to this.

This video, the song, Shardinay and what was described on You Tube as a 44 year old looking rapper got seriously rinsed. Right down to his Lonsdale clothes were the butt of many jokes.

You Tube Comments:
LONSDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao Mani7esto babes, get a job and pay for some choreography for your girl Shardinay.

the way the instro drops at 0:45 seconds sounds like one level on Diddy Kong Racing.

I actually like this, I don't even know why..
Look at the dancing lool, From when that beat drops you already know what's poppin..
''Coz you were meant to..''
The production didn't fail 100%, I can actually imagine this could have been a banger track

This video is just pure calam. I speak 4 everyone that finks this video is atrocious
please my frend come off the scene

Comment left by LondonDiva
The best part of the vid was at the 3:02 mark....where it ended. Seriously you don't have haters, what these people are, are realists who know a joke sounding and looking thing when they see it. People are trying to save you from yourself. ASK YOURSELF HONESTLY do you really think you are talented? Do you honestly believe that? This isn't good. In fact it's awful. If you're trying to be like Bangs or Orie you're succeeding. You Tube jokes. That's why the hits are high and keep coming.

I shud send u a virus for uploading this to youtube

Forget the so-called 'singer' Shardinay, the least we can all do is pray for the 42 people who pressed like.

Nah mate... I had to favourite this... this is EPIC.
That first note gave me reasons to forget about all my problems in life.
I can't.
I cannot.
My side.
My ribs.

awesome tuune babe.. one of the best tunes iv heard in years.. i love it. my opinion. haters can jump into riiver thames.. at least shes doin suming great in her live, watch this space babe, i gat ur back

Shardinay Thank you Thank you For all the Jokes you've given..Me I was looking for the UK version of Reh Dogg and I found you!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!


  1. Youtube makes anyone think they're a big time celebrity. She's worse than T-baby, it's so cooold in the D lol

  2. Actually, I just watched It's So Cold in the D again and I stand corrected!

  3. Hooooooooo BOOOOOOOOY! This is my new jam Diva! Forget Drake this is #thankmenow! Methinks you are beginning to like these "artists" ;-)

    Ok seriously Shardinay love, in case you google yourself I have to be real (which I'm sure you do because to talk about having haters, newbie celebs will google themselves to find out what people are saying.). So no love you are not "grinding" or "going hard" ABEG FREE THE MUSIC GIG O!

  4. I can't watch this video without laughing until my belly hurts! The opening sound!

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dead and gone.....like what the deuce?? and @0.31 - she says 'wait lemme sing' that killed me...


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