30 Jul 2010

[SAFE] VIDEO: Laurence Fishburne's 19 Year Old Daugter To Do Porn!

Ain't this some serious bitchassness. You have a father as one of the most respected and talented Black Actors in Hollywood who other actors look up to, and HIS OWN CHILD wants to do porn in order to become as famous as Kim Kardashian.
Someone needs to tell Montana Fishburne aka Chippy D [her [porn name] that sex tapes work differently for the likes of non-black women. If you're Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian it works wonders for your career and profile. When it comes to young black girls she's going to remain in porn for a mighty long time. 

When black women sleep with celebrities, their stories do the rounds for FREE on blog websites. When you are white you are represented by lawyers, inking 6 figure deals, even doing photo shoots in high end magazines with a million dollar career at the end of it. 

"Black women go the ho route and remain hoes. White women go the ho route and become celebrities." - LondonDiva

I highly doubt Chippy D is going to be Kim Kardashian famous, and you know what I'm SO mad about,???? The fact that she's tarnishing her father's name like this. Laurence Fishburne shouldn't be trending on Twitter and be the headline all over the Internet simply because his daughter wants to be a ho.

"I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape. The first time is really nerve racking ... but, I have a lot of at-home experience.""

Now when you play that word association game in your head certain things will come to mind.

Kanye = "I'mma let you finish..."
Kim Kardashian = Ass
Pamela Anderson = Broke/Tommy Lee/Trailer
Laurence Fishburne = ho for a daughter

It's a crying shame!!

Let's see everybody blame Laurence for his daughter wanting to be a porn star now, blaming his career on not being there for his child or some sh** like that! 

That DVD [released in August] is going to be a huge seller on BOOTLEG in parking lots and online for all the wrong reasons.

Watch the f**kery right here with porn star Brian Pumper who is going to be screwing Laurence's daughter on camera for the world to see talking about all the things he's going to be doing with her on camera. He's already been in over 750 porn movies.

The video is safe in terms of the video content, but the language is of a sexual nature. 

She's already looking sad in the video, like she knows she really doesn't want to do this and she's way more than that. I hope her father intervenes, I really do because something tells me she may end up more like Maia Campbell or on Celebrity Rehab in a few years if she's not careful.


  1. I am vexed about this story. Beyond vexed if there is such a thing. Forgive my long ass comment from now. WTF is this child thinking? I know she's 18 and can be forgiven for MAYBE just MAYBE not thinking all the way straight but this little heifer right here is making a straight MOCKERY out of herself, her father and anybody else connected to her.

    What makes me most upset is that this child probably has had a better education than most. She has probably had better chances than most to do better. She could have whored out her last name in a different way and I would have respected her. Example in point Briana Latrise (Kendu Isaacs daughter who is the husband to Mary J Blige) is a tweeter and an outspoken chick. That kid has some issues & no support from her Dad YET she hustles. She paints, she records, she blogs...she does whatever. I am so investing in my little cousins futures now especially the one's who look lazy and might take the road to stripperdom or porndom.

    This fool Brian Pumper is talking about this porn/sexual matter like it's like a proper job but then you look in the background and is that a SUBWAY they are sitting in? Is no place or thing sacred God? Jesus come get me now. I am done. This is the height of foolishness that I can no longer abide to see.

    There is a quote somewhere that goes along the lines of (i'm paraphrasing here) It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society. If anyone comes on this blog and peddles out some lame ass comment like "Oh she's of age" or "we can't judge what others do" or "she's expressing her sexual blah blah" STFU and sit in the corner and make a damn porno yourself. I cant with this mess. I quit.

  2. Montana looks, talks and acts like she is totally NOT streetwise. Brian Pumper, on the other hand, talks like a hustler that's BEEN THERE DONE THAT. I hope Laurence Fishburne intervenes and gets to the bottom (no pun intended) of this disaster in the making before the poor girl self-destructs.

  3. Ok I'm mad!! I don't even give f*** that she is Laurence Fishburne's daughter..seriously..because well your father doesn't guarantee who you become BUT this whole ish is messed up!! And talk of porn getting you recognition?Seriously??Girl STFU!!! Just like those who say porn is 'funding for the college fees' GTFOH!! If you say I'm judging heck yeah I'm gonna judge, if I got through uni without stripping/porn then any-one else can do it! Go flip burgers in Burger King!!
    And who looks up to Kim Kardashian???I've had it with these black women who say this ish...tell me the smartest thing Kim has ever said to inspire any-one?what??
    As for that fool Brian...arrrgggggh!!!


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