1 Jul 2010

These Are Females?????

I've noticed a trend over the past year or so, a lot of young black girls in London looking and dressing like men and yes they even have girlfriends too. Just today I saw a young couple, and as I got closer I realised the boy was in fact a girl. Sagging jeans, caps, boppin like a man. They are what's known as studs.

Type it into You Tube and a whole host of videos come up. Ones of girls talking about why they prefer to be with studs over real men. Debates about sexuality within their community. It's all eye opening stuff, I've learnt a lot today I tell you.

What's even more eye opening is the videos below are actually studs. Their 'equipment' is all female, but they look like dudes. I didn't even listen to anything that was being said in any of these videos I was just in shock at how 'manly' they looked.
"It takes all sorts to make up a world!"

Ain't that the truth!

I just hope they are being real from jump if they get involved with any women, who may think they are actually men. We already have issues with DL brothas, we don't need the reverse from the females. All I know is I'd be mad as hell if someone tried to pass themselves off as a man to me who actually wasn't a man.

I don't give a damn what you are, just as long as you're honest about who you are and don't decieve anyone in the process.


  1. Unfortunately I don't have audio but just watching them and not having to look at their voices - they are so mannish!! I know 2 in 'hood who look like this...even the way they walk!
    Will come back and add more comments when I can hear what they're saying

  2. Wow! So interesting to hear these women being so open not just about their sexuality, but the finer points of negotiating day-to-day things(passing, accidental outing, men, gender) that we straights don't even think about.

  3. So its not only just me that has noticed!!! I'm seeing alot of young thugged out lesbians... IT is so weird to me cos even 5 years ago I wasn't seeing this!


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