14 Jul 2010

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Prayin’ by PlanB has been getting a lot of play on my ipod this week. 
  • Is that N-Dubz documentary over yet? It needs to be.
  • I’m learning the art of not keeping people who annoy me on my Twitter timeline. Thank fuck @tnyash is gone, that’s too much basic bitchassness over a period of months for one #bitter person like myself to take. I must be a masochist to have kept some of them around so long in the first place. Something about liking the pain of reading tweet after tweet of stupidity. Yep I’m a masochist.
  • I don’t do subliminal; I like people to know exactly how I feel about em, whether online or off.
  • The people in London really need to learn to get a move on during rush hour.
  • I’m becoming incredibly pissed off with women wearing high heeled shoes on their way to work. Whilst you’re trotting, you’re slowing me down from Moorgate station to the office dearies. Do as I do…trainers for train and tube, 5 Inch platform heels in the office.
  • My boss is Nigerian, she pronounces assume [a-zooooom] and every time she says it, it amuses me. She says it so many times a day.
  • The people at this job have NO personality. They really don’t. Oh well I do.
  • Gotta love my mum, she came over yesterday and dropped over some birthday money, Prince interview from the Daily Mirror, Prince CD, 2 alcopops, fruit juice, Butterkist popcorn, a stick of rock, packet of Cadbury’s chocolate Eclairs, Cadbury’s chocolate chunk cookies, Colgate toothpaste, Dettol antibacterial spray, water softener for the washing machine and a box of tissues. **confused look** At least she brings me over stuff I need. I don’t ask, but every once in a while she’ll drop a lil ‘care package’ off at my house. It’s quite cute actually.
  • Birthday present arrived yesterday courtesy of UPS and gift wrapped…ALL 8 seasons of Girlfriends!! I was told I could have anything I wanted. Well…that’s what I wanted so that’s what I got. I’m really not used to being asked what I want, and on top of that don’t want to take the piss.
  • I am really looking forward to Inception on Friday. REALLY looking forward to it. Christopher Nolan is outstanding. I’ve seen ALL of his films except one from 1999 and he hasn’t disappointed me yet.
  • I have MASTERED the art of being VERY selective in who I help and lend advice to. In that aspect I am NOT AS NICE as I used to be.
  • Don’t USE ME because you want me to for something to get ahead. In the words of Janet Jackson “what have you done for me lately” to even warrant that? How well do I know you? Do you have my phone number? Have you helped give me advice or support in any way? No to all or some of that??? Please find a nice concrete path and simply Jog on!!!
  • I know people should help others out of the goodness of their heart, and I do the little things without thought sometimes, but bigger things….forget about it. Learnt my lesson.
  • Am I the only one that does no work at work? BBM a group on my BB and they said the same thing. All chilling, reading forums and blogs. [I feel a spin-off blog coming].
  • Why are comedians on Twitter NOT funny, but the regular folks are?
  • If there were 2 of me [perish the thought] and I read my tweets on Twitter, I’d think I was a miserable bitch. Truth is I’m not, quite the fool and joker actually always having a laugh, but really don’t care how that comes across to others. Know when to be serious. Know when to joke around.
  • I cannot believe there was a tribute page to Raoul Moat on Facebook. I hope they’ve taken that shit down. We really are living in crazy times.
  • Are we Londoners getting the sun and warmth back anytime soon, or was that it?
  • Thank God RIM is coming out with a BlackBerry 9800. A touch screen and FULL QWERTY keyboard in one. Really wanted to get a touch screen BlackBerry, but wasn’t fully convinced at the Storm 2 and knew I’d miss my QWERTY keypad. They must have heard my subliminal thoughts. I’m due for an upgrade in September. Please let this be out and please let this be on T-mobile. It will be my 5th BlackBerry handset.
  • I remember back in the days when I had my first BlackBerry and everyone mocked me for having one. Those same people jumped on it as soon as their network provided it and the curve came out. OMG looking at it now. I still remember the excitement of having it. Now it looks like a piece of crap!
  • Either you have problems with your Twitter or you have a serious love/hate relationship with me. I get an e-mail EVERY TIME someone follows and see the same names popping up time and time again. What is it, I say something offensive you unfollow, then you have sleepless nights, miss my wit and want me back on your timeline again?? Just leave for good if that’s the case. All this back n forth business.
  • I’m so tired of this man-boy at work talking about the ‘CORE’ business and saying the word ‘ENTITY’ so many times.
  • I don’t get notified when people block/unfollow me. I don’t see the point, especially when those people send an automated tweet to their timeline notifying them “I just unfollowed 57 people using xxxxxxxxx”
  • I like The Twilight Saga. A LOT.
  • As long as Taylor Lautner is OVER the age of consent I feel NO WAY in expressing how fine he is.
  • I can’t do kid’s films, but may see Toy story 3.
  • Harry Potter doesn’t interest me, although I did give one of the films a chance. Saw the last one and wish I hadn’t.
  • Christopher Nolan is doing Superman. Excited if it’s anything like his Batman adaptations. Superman needs to be less comic book and a lot more darker.
  • My fave Superman film was when there were 2 of them, and one was real bad! Which one I cannot remember.
  • I cannot stand Nandos. Over rated tripe! Some chips with seasoned powder on it and some char grilled chicken that’s not even seasoned that well. Black folks trippin on that stuff like they’ve discovered the Holy Grail. I really wonder what they ate growing up, in West Indian and African households to be rating that mess?
  • If anyone invites me to Nandos. I pass. I’m not setting foot in another one. Yes, that’s how much I despise it.
  • It’s not here in the UK, but Pappadeaux…that is my joint for regular eating out times!!!
  • You know you spend too long on Twitter when you think to yourself whilst brushing your teeth “I wonder where X is? Haven’t seen them on Twitter in a while.” Never met a ton of these people in my life ya know, and I’m wondering their whereabouts!
  • I wonder who the next outed cheating celebrity is going to be?
  • I am NOT even watching Big Brother. I started but then decided to stop. Why does Davina keep hyping it as the best ever? I know she’s contracted to, but seriously woman….STOP! This is hardly it going out with a bang.
  • Just seen a tweet about hating on others [spinoff coming] Tired of these whiny ass bitches talking about ‘hating on folks’
  • Kelis’ ‘Acapella’ is really growing on me. But man does she have an ugly singing face. Looks like she’s straining to take a dump.
  • If everybody on the planet were black JLS would NOT be successful.
  • Why is Chipmunks head so big? Literally! Not talking about in the ego sense of things.
  • I heard Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross ft. Drake and Chrisette Michelle…why is Drake making those sounds on that track? He doesn’t sound good at all.
  • I don’t get the hype about Sophie Kinsella books. Utterly, utterly dry and boring.
  • ‘Black Is The New Bitch’ was doing the Twitter rounds for about…oh…3 days. Haven’t heard it mentioned since. Was that book the quickest and newest fad? I hear they’re looking to do a film. Should I pick up this book and have a read? Please don’t use words like ‘hilarious’ and ‘amazing’ to describe it to me as most things usually are NOT!
  • Drake's album...abismal. Diggy's mixtape is far better than that long awaited mess Drizzy Drake put out.

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