25 Feb 2011

Attention Seeking: Karma & The Bitch

The attention seeking is astounding. If it's not celebrities on Twitter re-tweeting compliment after compliment from 'fans', people posting 200 new pictures a day from their night out on Facebook, or people just chatting their personal business on social networking sites, the level of attention seeking is becoming way too much.
I use Twitter on a daily basis, and have got back into checking in with Facebook on the regular again too. When my new love (Twitter) came on the scene I abandoned Facebook like a worthless ex-boyfriend. Now we seem able to happily co-exist once again after working out our issues and we are now on an even keel.

There is one person in particular (a female) on Facebook whose mission it seems is to humiliate her boyfriend PUBLICLY. Now as a woman, it doesn't make me 'pro-woman' to everything  that we do. A wrong is a wrong in my eyes, and that's just how I see it whether you're black or white, male or female. In this case this heffer is just dead wrong!

From what I can see, this guy seems really sweet and is trying to communicate with her. In a day and age where there are so many men trying to cover up their public feelings and emotions for their women for fear of looking like pussies, this guy didn't care. He seemed really good for her and her off key psychotic state of mind. Shit, they say there's someone for everybody (I don't believe that), but even nutcases need love too I suppose.

She is ignoring every form of communication with him. She adds a picture, he 'likes' it. Tells her he loves her. She ignores him. Tells her he misses her. She ignores him. She writes a status, he comments, she talks to everyone else BUT him in the comments. Other guys come on there telling her how hot she is, she's arranging meet ups with said dudes on her damn wall. I'm shaking my head like 'nah son this ain't right, and I CAN SEE WHY you (the female) got cheated on in your last relationship if this is how you carried on.

This isn't a one day thing, this has been going on for a weeks. I can't stop watching, as it's become a case of will she acknowledge him coupled with what's gonna happen next? Almost like a reality TV show being played out on Facebook.

Why put all your business out there?
Why play the dude like that?

From my Facebook status today

This guy is allowed to be lovesick, but he's not a pest, and I say that because she has the option to remove AND block him. She doesn't. She's keeping him around on a tight leash to purposely humiliate him and that just isn't right. Are you that starved of attention and affection that you need to treat someone like that, AND do it publicly? I tell you if the roles were reversed and a guy did that to me, I'd screen print his crap as evidence and remove myself from his page and his life to avoid further humiliation. What next, being humiliated in a public place? YOU.CAN.ALWAYS.DO.BETTER!

Men are not the only ones capable of being a bastard in a relationship, and this right here is case in point. I understand that sometimes people need that time to themselves whether it's bullshit on your mind, PMS, other hormonal crap going on that's putting you in bad funk, that you just want to be alone. She's not having one of those days. She's having one of those months!

I have a STRONG feeling that this chick (woman is too powerful of a word to use for her) is going to have a shitty year. And come December 30th and 31st she'll be leaving FB status messages about just how shit the year was and that 2012 is going to be her year. It won't be, unless she severely learns some serious lessons in life, about the way to treat people and actually remove negativity from her entire existence. But saying that, I think she'll always be about the bullshit. One of those women who thinks screaming and shouting is effective in relationships and as long as they are both doing it then the relationship is somewhat functional.

I personally DO NOT CARE if she is reading this. I REALLY DON'T. I actually hope that she or someone like her does and actually acknowledges their bullshit and does something to fix it and not treat people who dedicate their lives in trying to make you happy, like absolute shit! Karma works and is ALWAYS in effect. What you put out, you get back equally unto you in some way. Remember that!

I'm no saint myself, but I tell you this, I'm aware of God, the power of how The Universe works and karma. I sit and think very hard before I do certain things because I know within my heart of hearts it's NOT the right thing to do and do not want the negative repercussions happening to me.

I might just say a prayer for Mr X and put him on my prayer list, cause I'm feeling real sorry for him right about now, and he needs out of that situation. It's not love, it's not respect, and from what I see he seems heartbroken. Cut him loose, let him get over it and find a woman willing to work things out with, rather than hit him over the head Madea style with an emotional skillet. If he's a genuinely good guy, it's women chicks like this who can turn these men into the men that real women don't want....a scorned man. It works both ways with women too. 

"Gettin' Madea wid it!"
Over dinner last night with Mrs H in Satay Bar Brixton, she told me when it comes to love you give that person so much power to hurt you by allowing yourself to be so open and trusting them with all that you have. And that when it comes to loving someone especially within marriage it really is a leap of faith. 

Well his dude needs to act froggish leap his way on out the damn door and go and find someone worthy of his time. 
Time is precious. Life is too short. So find someone worthy of both, your time and your life! ~LondonDiva


  1. Yaeeeee you're back...and please don't ever leave!!! i discovered your blog on a boring day at work... and i was hooked!!!! then u up and left!!!! or just stopped blogging... :) neways.. you have a few fans..who love your blog...so ..please...dont' abandon it just yet... what else am i gonna do on work..hahaha.. ok i'm just kidding... :) God Bless!!! Trini in D US...

  2. Really appreciated reading this, just discovered your blog.

    On a whole FB is just an annoyance, but people are easy to tolerate or hide. I had/have this girl of my FB whose boyfriend is constantly "fraping"(stupid terminology) her, this was ok the first few times even then I was like 'hold the phone'. But then this 'fraping' would happen every freaking day, the level of dis-respectfulness in the guise of jokes are ridiculous and I wonder when shes gonna say "babe this is going too far". The worse thing is she has her family on FB even her little sister you would think she'd want to be a good role model. As I said I had to hide her in order to hold my mouth.


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