25 Feb 2011

Let's Talk About Sex...

They knew exactly what they were thinking when they chose that paddle!
...err how about we don't.

I am far from being a prude, trust me on that one, but it seems like in this day and age it's the 'fashion' to talk about your sex life on Twitter/Facebook or any other place where people [may] pay attention to you.

I've spoken with friends about these 'Twitter antics', I've also tweeted the odd @ reply or DM [Direct Message] to other people on Twitter about the same said thing and not a lot of people are impressed by it or the usernames who feel the need to constantly chat about it.

If it's not that, it's people on BBM [Blackberry Messenger] posting sexual picture after sexual picture, or telling us in their status they want, are about to, or have just had some [sex]. 


I equate this to one of the highest forms of attention seeking f**kery. Well you got my attention, I find you pathetic! 

Moving on...

Some people are on a tip that they feel the more they talk about sex, or seem open about sex that they are some type of liberal sexpert, and anyone that doesn't agree or like what they do is a prude bordering on being a nun. 

It's not about that at all, it's more a case of:
  • We don't want to know about your sex life as it's extremely boring to us, and quite frankly we aren't impressed.
  • You may be getting some, but we don't believe you're any good at it, based on your incessant bragging.
  • Whether some of us are saving it for marriage or having sex outside of marriage, some of us realise the IMPORTANCE of keeping a vast majority of our relationships/unions PRIVATE, and don't see the need for it to be cheapened in 140 characters or less for strangers to know about.
  • We respect our partners and don't feel the need to chat our business which is essentially their business too.
  • We just don't give a f***!!

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex & The City
As wonderful as Sex & The City was, I think some women got the wrong end of the stick [no pun intended] 6 seasons and 2 movies later and tried to become their very own Samantha Jones, or chat their arses off like Carrie and use Twitter and Facebook as their very own sex column. It doesn't work ladies. Running your mouth doesn't equate to being sexually liberated. We CHOSE to park our asses in front of the TV for 22 minute episodes, and paid to see the movies voluntarily. When I sit down in the morning and go through my timeline, I don't want to get visuals of your boney arse bonking your boyfriend, talking about how sore you are, or making references to semen whilst eating my bagel.
Sex is intimate. Save that intimate part of your relationship for your damn selves and don't be so quick to pick up your phone and tweet that element of it to a 657 strangers. We're not impressed, we actually think you have little to no shame to be quite honest. Even the ones probably egging you on to continue talking about it think the same and just wanna be 'all up in your business'. And speaking of being 'all up in your business', if you're going to be sharing those intimate parts of your relationship with strangers, please don't get mad if people ever ask you questions pertaining to your relationship. After talking about your sex life, are you really in a position to be demanding respect for your privacy?

I think not!


  1. Some people just need to learn the keep shut, it irks me to read people's sexual life, i unfollow sharply.

  2. the funny thing is most of the people that constantly go on and on about how much sex they are having are actually not getting any......


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