22 Apr 2011

Would You Love To See TV Show 'Girlfriends' Return? Do This, & It Just Might!

Persia White (Lynn), Jill Marie Jones (Toni), Golden Brooks (Maya) & Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan)

On February 11th 2008 after 172 episodes and eight seasons, The CW pulled the plug on one of the most successful US sitcoms. The finale wasn't wrapped with a proper ending, and it was pretty much left up in the air. Girlfriends got cancelled and viewers had no idea what in the living hell happened to any of the characters.

Toni's character played by Jill Marie Jones [who left at the end of season six] was the only character who had some type of 'ending.' During the final seasons Toni was referenced in almost every episode as to where she went and why she [Toni] had left.

Another show which was cancelled on The CW around the same time was The Game which made a comeback this year due to overwhelming public demand on BET. The show has recently been given the green light for a second season on its new network.

There is an active petition with the intention of bringing Girlfriends back. Now before you think it will have no pulling power, read on...

The creator of the petition is Stacey Mattocks [from Wolverhampton now residing in Florida]. Stacey had a hand in getting The Game back on the air, and has started a petition for Girlfriends on Facebook urging fans of the show to sign a petition for another season as a TV show or a movie. Stacey even got recognition on IMDB for her hand in The Game being brought back and managed to get over 4 million fans to join the page.

See! A great example where fans of a cancelled show made a difference, and brought it back!

So far the Girlfriends page has nearly 100,000 supporters. So if you love the show, miss it, want it back do your bit, support the page, sign the petition and spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and your blogs/websites with a crazy ferociousness. If people can make Rebecca Black go viral I'm sure we can get a few million signatures and supporters going.

Like the Official Fan Page for Girlfriends.
Sign the Petition to get Girlfriends back on the air here
Follow the actresses who played Toni, Lynn, Joan and Monica here.
Follow the Girlfriends Twitter to be kept updated of the petition.

A nostalgic Girlfriends episode, when Joan kicked her friendship with Toni to the curb. I'm sure a lot of us have either had that moment or just wished we could...

Season 2 Episode 5 'Buh-Bye'

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  1. Would love to see Girlfriends return however I cannot sign the petition. The petition page is not found.


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