28 Jun 2011

Will This Face Be Replacing the Infamous Kanye Shrug?

Nicki Minaj fan Tiffany Green having a serious WTF moment!
I started to watch the BET awards on Sunday night [well really Monday morning for me] but as soon as I heard Trey Songz singing I had to stop the streaming link and shut my PC down!

If I'd have stayed watching I would have seen this awkward blunder, which in my opinion was a blatant PR stunt by BET themselves which got Tiffany Green trending through no fault of her own. If you listen around the 0:40 second mark you hear a male voice off camera say "read it straight, read it straight." 

Hmmm I guess he was prompting her to make sure their stupid plan of s*** stirring worked. It did. Tiffany was trending and there was another instance where Chris Brown & Rihanna were linked where they didn't even need to be. Rihanna wasn't even in the building that night.

Rihanna's so-called friend with benefits, Drizzy Drake was there to saunter on the stage looking half asleep and a little bit 'touched' to accept the award on behalf of Rihanna. And why was that mic so low throughout the entire night I know Drake isn't that tall!

It was in fact CHRIS BROWN who won the award. Not Rihanna. I didn't see any mention of the fluff up from Chris who loves to take to his Twitter account to sound off about any and everything. Maybe actually winning awards coupled with being able to perform at an awards show was a highlight for him with BET, so decided to keep his mouth shut. Smart move Breezy, especially after that Twitter beef with Frank Ocean n dem last week.

But shame on BET for this mess! They got their boring ass awards show talked about for all the wrong reasons yet again.

My only question is this...are the top set really Tiffany's teeth or did she get them done to look like her idol Nicki Minaj?

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Pathetic. yep definetly a PR stunt.


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