15 Jul 2011

Dear Jennifer Hudson...

Jennifer Hudson Before & After the weight loss
Firstly, congratulations on everything. The Academy Award, the acting career, the music career, the baby and pending nuptials and the weight loss.

As much as I understand it can be a struggle to lose weight, I'm about bloody sick and tired of hearing about it, and seeing it captioned on every magazine cover you feature on. We get it Jennifer, we really do. You had a baby, you lost weight, you feel great. When is your next single released please? 

The weight loss is talked about so much I cannot even remember the title of your latest album, and THAT my dear is a problem.  It seems that every story whether in the newspaper, magazine or on blogs is referencing your weight loss.

I went to the US in January and there you were screaming the Weight Watchers commercial at what felt like every hour on the hour. OK, so you got paid to endorse the program and this was all a part of the contract. Now the commercial haunts me in the UK as it has flown overseas and landed slap-bang on my TV set. I'm tired Jennifer, I'm so so tired. I CAN remember that you lost weight with Weight Watchers, but the name of your second album escapes me.

Just the other day I saw another interview for the Daily Mail where YET AGAIN you are bleating about your WEIGHT LOSS and how you felt like you were missing out on many things having not been a slim girl. 

Like what sweetie? Being slim for some is not all that great you know. You think the taunts stop just because you're slim? Try being a woman who actually wants to gain weight. ZERO support groups for that! Problems come in all shapes and sizes no matter what shape and size you are.

I thought when the world was at your feet during the awards season, you were doing interviews about not conforming to the typical Hollywood stereotype and were comfortable in the skin you were in? Now the same designers who were ignoring you at your height of fame, are suddenly throwing you clothes, shoes and handbags and you're happy about this? I'd actually feel quite sad about it to be honest. Sure everyone likes a freebie, but do they actually like people being two faced and judgemental towards them based on outward appearances?

You didn't fit the mould even with an Academy Award tucked under your belt amongst other prestigious awards to these people, and now due to 80lbs vanishing you're suddenly acceptable?


I guess we can look forward to the interviews in the next few years from you talking about the dark underbelly of celebrity and the industry, and how it caused you to gain the weight back. The yo-yo weight loss that the likes of Janet Jackson and Oprah have endured with all of the pressures of trying to compete and remain relevant.

It's a real shame you didn't realise your self worth before Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear pieces were thrown in your direction. I was actually thrilled when you stepped onto the scene, as I was hoping you'd be a 'keep it real/true to your word' woman who was going to be herself and comfortable without feeling the need to conform to Hollywood standards.

I understand everyone is entitled to wanting to change themselves for whatever reason, AS YOU DID, but in your case I'm baffled because you spoke with the same enthusiasm about being plus sized as you do now. So which one is it? You love yourself bigger, AND you love yourself slimmer? No seriously boo, which one is it?

It must be a hard task having people around you simply because of your status, only now to have others around you and wanting to give you things just because you're slimmer is very sad.

Good luck for the future, but please lay off the weight loss talk. I'm sure anyone who may have missed your 5,364 interviews on the subject can easily Google 'Jennifer+Hudson+Weight+Loss' and find out exactly how you did it.
**note for the idiots...It's an open letter. I'm not actually expecting Jennifer Hudson to even see or read this. And if you don't understand the meaning of an 'open letter' then it's about time that you did.

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