17 Jul 2011

Random Mutterings...

Muttering #1
I'm supposed to be involved in a 30 day blogging challenge, and totally failed yesterday as I forgot to post. My mind was on so many different things I just looked at my computer like "really now? I beg you just f*** off. Not in the mood for you" I got back home going on 2am and realised I've FAILED!

OK maybe FAILED is a bit dramatic, but I intend to continue and do what needs to be done to complete this challenge, because I can.

Muttering #2
OMG what a week! I've laughed the hardest I've ever laughed and cried the hardest I've ever cried. [Yes LondonDiva has the capability to shed tears. Amazing isn't it] 

It's definitely been emotional for many reasons. I think hormones have a huge part to play, cause what the raas I was crying over I don't know, but contrary to popular belief I do have feelings and I do emote emotion. You think I'm all about speaking the truth, keeping it real and cursing every now and then. 

It's funny over the years I've heard the most amount of foolishness coming out of the mouths of people I know. "Nai, you don't seem like the type to get upset." or "I know you don't ever get stressed...."


Am I not human?
Do I not bleed?

Being ANGRY is not my only emotion you know. I must say hearing that type of crap really gets my back up.

Muttering #3
Noticed a trend in this life of mine, those people who are either supposed to be there for you or tell you that they always will be, are chatting s***. Ask someone you need to talk, and watch them either not fulfill that or question why you want to. Watch their empty promises come with terms and conditions. Not just speaking for myself, but for other people included it takes A LOT to ask someone to talk. When that request is met with some type of hostility, it's like the biggest slap in the face ever! It makes you think "why did I even bother?"

I've done that before. Someone has asked me to talk to them, I've said no. Then backtracked and called them letting them say what they want to say. 


If it's important enough to ask me, you've asked me for a reason, and despite what I think of you, you deserve the right to be heard.

You can best believe the friend I haven't spoken to in 3 months or the one I haven't seen or spoken to since I was 18 years old, if they EVER called, text me or sent a damn carrier pigeon needing an ear I'd put the bitch pride aside and be whatever they needed me to be. But that's just me...

The ones who have never made false promises to me EVER, always seem to be the ones to come through for me in some way, shape or form when I least expect it but when I most need it, and was shown just yesterday.

To them it may be nothing. To me it is a big deal, of which I'll always remember and be eternally grateful for.

Now excuse me, I gotta get ready and go spend time with a few people I'm not even in the mood for this evening. Only going for the damn food.

Yes I said it! Why lie? Why f****** lie? I'm hungry dammit!

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  1. I'm guilty as one of those people who cant fathom you shed tears (clearly its possible, you do have tear ducts after all) and then I thought if I took Shia away from you I can totally see you crying a good bucketful ;-).

    Seriously though I guess its a gift and a curse for you. I know that if I ever need someone with a good head on her shoulders I can come to you because while Im crying I feel you will be holding it together. The curse is probably people not knowing what to do when the "strong one" breaks down.

    Glad you cried and laughed! Both are good for you.


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