14 Jul 2011

Video Archives: Mariah Carey - Right To Dream [from the 'Tennessee' Soundtrack]

Not a new video from the MC archives, but this is probably VERY unknown and about three years old.

In between Glitter and Precious Mariah has starred in two indie movies, Wisegirls and Tennessee. The latter is a film by Lee Daniels who also cast Mariah in Precious, a role originally meant for Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren.

I watched Tennessee for the first time yesterday and was happy to see Mariah in a respectable role which redeemed herself since the Glitter days. Unless you're in the indie film 'know' or a Mariah fan (like myself) then films like Wisegirls (where the acting slightly improved) or Tennessee which you may have never heard of.

A song taken from the film's soundtrack is a song sung by Mariah called 'Right to Dream' penned by herself and country music star Willie Nelson. Stripped bare of vocal acrobatics and auto tune, it's a simple song with a simple melody and heartfelt lyrics.

“I was humming different melodies while I was on the set and stuff,” Carey told Pop & Hiss. “I was just thinking that Willie Nelson would be somebody fabulous to collaborate with. I reached out to him and we met after one of his concerts, and he did some guitar for me.

“I went to his concert with my mom,” Carey continued. “She’s a huge fan of his. We watched his show, and went back to the trailer afterward, and had a nice long talk about writing and the style of the record I was going for. It’s so heavily guitar-driven, and I was just thinking his sound would enhance the record.” -Source

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  1. she is actually a good actress - i saw precious, and was so glad to see her playing a role that was not princessy... i would like to watch Tennessee too now.


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