8 Jul 2011

Fashion Spotlight: Elie Saab + Blast From the Past: Halle's Emotional Oscar Speech

Remember when Halle Berry won her Academy Award for her lead role in Monster's Ball? Do you remember the designer she was wearing? 

Well I guess you do now as you've peeped the title. If you were a little slow off the mark, the designer was in fact Elie Saab.

It was the very first time I'd ever heard of the Lebanese designer, and it was this dress and Halle's win that catapulted him to further international recognition, status and success.

During my usual 30 minute daily time waster of scouring the Daily Mail online, I spotted a piece on the new collection (which I cannot afford now, but was most definitely lusting over). Notice I said 'now' as I WILL one day.

Check out some of my favourites from the Paris Couture Fall/Winter 2011 collection

View the Fall/Winter 2011 collection on Vogue

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