26 Jul 2011

Here's A Quote For All Of The Quotes: "F*** You!"

This is some bulls*** right here!
I made a conscious decision a few days ago, to unfollow on Twitter and hide on Facebook all of the people, groups and organisations who decide to reel off quote after quote to try and make me feel better about my life. The truth is, I think it was actually doing the opposite. I wasn't feeling better about my life. Reading all of these quotes all day everyday were making me feel worse.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing being bad for you. This can apply to things such as water, which as much as keeping you alive can also kill you if you drink too much, to quotes which uplift you can also make you feel like a f****** failure, especially if you're not in a positive zone to be receiving that sort of advice.

If I paid attention to every damn quote I read, I'd probably be the most successful person on the planet, but I'd probably have no friends either. Too much information about positivity and suggesting ways to live your life can have a knock on effect. I've seen people retweet tweets on Twitter regarding friendship, where if someone isn't there for you or lets you down that one time, then just get rid of them. Of course I'm not stating that verbatim, but the reality of life is friends will let you down and they won't always be there for you when you need them. Other quotes will talk about forgiving others and not being so quick to judge.

So what is it? Get rid of the friend, or keep them around and don't judge them too harshly and quickly for their wrong doings?

When it comes to friendships I understand that there are some that need to be let go after continual chances and zero changes, but we have a younger generation coming up with no damn sense who see the first friendship failure as a means to say "buh-bye, you ain't shit." It's like we don't work through the problems of relationships anymore as we have this Hollywood ideal of love, friendship and family and are ill prepared for the letdowns in life. THIS IS LIFE! People are going to let us down, they're also going to lift us up! It's not going to always be rosy! I wonder how many relationships, friendships and family ties have been severed all due to people reading quotes and deciding there and then based upon that... "I'm done."?

Aside from the potential conflicting information, my psyche doesn't require a daily dose of 'how to live my life' in quote form. As a grown woman I realised a long time ago, a continuous succession of good days and happy moods is not possible for many reasons. One being I have hormones which take over when I least expect it and can at times dictate how I'm feeling, and also that I have some people in my life who get on my f****** nerves and just want nothing to do with occasionally. Being bombarded with 'feel good' quotes on days where I just don't feel good make me feel like s***. They make me feel like I have no right to be down or in a funk for this [fill in the blank reason]. 

As I was sifting through quotes on certain down days, the last thing I wanted to read is someone who's probably making a mint off of positivity and life coaching telling me to get over what I'm going through, pick myself up and get ta steppin' down this particular path in life. As long as I'm not wallowing in it for a prolonged amount of time where everything around me suffers, being in the dumps can just be as healthy and productive as not being in that frame of mind.

How can you not appreciate the good times, unless you've experienced the bad?
If you don't hit rock bottom, how can you fully appreciate the climb back to the top?

I for one do not want to be made to feel guilty for having bad days or being mad at someone or a situation. I'm not going to sit there and be mad about the same thing for three days straight, but dammit if I want to be mad at someone who made me mad then f*** it, leave me alone to be mad about it and don't tell me feeling like that is a waste of time. I'll get over it when I'm ready, and I'm sick to the back teeth of this new age craze of positivity.

So positive is the positivity craze, I'm yet to see many positive quotes about how negativity in your lives can actual be somewhat positive. Did you get that?

I'm a big girl now, and in my 32 years I've been through ups and I've been through downs long before the Law of Attraction, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook were created and crazes. I get that some people need to be inspired someway, somehow, but the level on which it's done is a serious eye roll moment.

I saw this quote by Joyce Meyer today, which instinctively made me angry. "Don’t be angry at anyone... it is not worth the energy. -Joyce"

I love me some Joyce Meyer I really do, and I understand what she is saying, but telling someone to not or never be angry at anyone is retarded and redundant. I'm a human being with a wide range of emotions, and at different intervals of my life each one [emotion] is going to be more prominent than others. And to be honest there are times when I just need to be angry to work through that situation in my own way.

I'm tired of quotes, I've been tired of them. I don't want them or need them not in the same way that other people do in order to survive. Yes there are some that I've read, blogged and tweeted myself but it's the overkill I have a problem with. Some of you are participating in the overkill to a point where you have nothing to say for yourself because you have zero life experience and live for quotes, but yet want to try and inspire me though recycling a quote handed to you by someone else on a social network. It's a pattern I've noticed especially with the under 30's who have gone crazy on my Twitter timeline with these bloody quotes. Where the ones around my age group have a lot more to say about life and experience. 

So in closing to quote [isn't that ironic] Jessie J in her song 'Who You Are'

"It's OK, not to be OK"

We need to remember this, and embrace it, before we become a society of people who think they need to be put on Prozac come the winter time and when they decide that they just want to turn off the phone, curl up in bed and just have a moment alone from time to time.

Just as it's OK to be upbeat and happy. It's also OK to be unhappy, angry and sad at times. Don't let anyone or any quote make you feel bad for doing so!

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