26 Jul 2011

Video: Nick & Mariah Talk About The Twins on HSN

Husband Nick Cannon greets Mariah with a kiss live on HSN

Less than a day after Mariah effortlessly plugged her new range on numerous live segments on HSN yesterday, the online tabloids are up to their usual tricks in calling her appearance bizarre.

I watched the first two hour live HSN segment and it was far from bizarre, it was simply Mariah. What do I mean by that?

Mariah on HSN
She has a personality, a sense of humour and plays up to her 'diva' tag in the most light hearted an non-offensive way. If you've seen the 4 minute You Tube clip which is a mash up of her HSN appearances you would think WTH is she on about? But truth be told it's not that serious! She wasn't pregnant for 47 weeks, as she stated the twins were born 6 weeks early and said her uterus measured the size of a woman who would be 47 weeks. She also NEVER ordered the cameramen around. On numerous occasions she said she didn't know which camera she was supposed to be looking into and when asking the cameramen to focus on certain items she'd preface it with an apology and say she doesn't mean to be dictating shots.


Can the woman just be herself without every damn thing being taken out of context? Mariah is a joker by nature she has a sense of humour, she puts on accents, makes up her own Mariahisms and calls her fans lambs. She's been in the game for 21 years, this has been a known facet of her personality for years. Why are the online tabloids acting 'brand new'? They have a problem with her calling her fans The Lambily, but Lady Gaga calling her fans Monsters is artistic and creative is it?

Now that I've cleared that up...Mariah's husband Nick Cannon took a moment from his busy schedule to pop on to HSN and say hello to his wife and spare a few minutes to talk about their moments with their twins Moroccan and Monroe.

So where are the pictures of the babies?

In a previous segment Mariah explained that her babies are hers [and Nick's] and their family and aren't ready yet to show them off to the world, but for their safety with the paparazzi wanting a picture may release a picture to curb the curiosity, but haven't decided when to do that just yet.

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  1. Seriously.. thats what i have ALWAYS thought of her.. its annoying that people think she's a seriously bitchy DIVA.. FFS!!
    what you said, i couldn't have said better..

    Imaa LAMB ME'!

    P.s i recently followed ya :p


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