6 Jul 2011

Pictures of Mariah Out & About Since Giving Birth to Her Twins

Superstar Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Actress/Diva/Hello Kitty Fan/Dog Owner/Wife & Mother Mariah Carey was snapped for the second time in Manhattan since giving birth to boy/girl twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon who were born on April 30th. 

People may think these are the first pictures of Mariah since the twins were born, but herself, Nick and the babies were photographed leaving the hospital in May.

I'm assuming due to Mariah carrying a lot of weight during her pregnancy and it being a multiple birth that she had a Cesarean section. Either Mariah really doesn't want to be seen too much or is still recovering and having discomfort from the operation just over two months ago. It's great that she up and about. She hasn't been seen out in public since the twins birth. I'm sure the exercise although mild is doing her the world of good.

Photo Source: Celeb Buzz

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