7 Jul 2011

Blast From the Past: Kriss Kross

One was called Mac Daddy, and the other was Daddy Mac. They were both called Chris. Both wore their clothes backwards, and for a very short period in the 90's pretty much every girl I knew had a favourite Chris and knew which one they wanted to marry.

They didn't last long on the music scene. Sure they made more than one album but after a sophomore track to 'Jump' the hype had pretty much fizzled in the UK at least for the boys. For the very short period of time that they were popular, many young girls over many nations were snatching up copies of Right On, and Word Up magazine for a cover shot or poster of the Atlanta, Georgia native duo.

The duo were discovered by Jermaine Dupri when he was 18 years old and signed them to his So So Def record label. Their biggest hit to date 'Jump' was a HUGE success all over the world a staggering 19 YEARS AGO!

Michael Jackson even had the pre-teen rappers accompany him on his Dangerous tour as well as feature them in his hit single Jam, taken from the album of the same name.

I wonder what the Chris's are up to now in their early thirties? And who remembers ALL of the words to 'Jump' without checking them on Google?



  1. I think I figured out the commenting yay!

    Erm lemme try the lyrics...

    "Jump Jump, The Mac Daddy will make you jump jump. Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump"

    And that's all I can remember off hand :-(

  2. Let me press 'Play' and see how much I can remember without looking like Oprah, who always thought she knew the words to her guests songs when they performed.


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