31 Jul 2011

Trailer: Final Destination 5

Good luck getting out of that one!
If you don't like sequels, don't watch them it's very simple to avoid. 

See what happens is when others are leaving their homes to go and watch a film, you don't go with them. 

You avoid trawling the Internet to find a decent copy of the film online and don't download it. 

You don't click on links talking about Final Destination 5 and you sure as hell do NOT watch the trailer. 

I for one love a good sequel. I also love a good plot and story line. Whether you can say the Final Destination franchise have good plots or story lines is totally subjective.

I like a bit of senseless gore from time to time and I must admit the Final Destination series has managed to keep me on the edge of my seat for 4 movies now, and they're coming back for a fifth.

Like many, I too thought that Final Destination 4 was the last installment. Without doing any 'movie research' I'm guessing that one or more of the following happened.
  • The last movie did better than they expected at the Box Office and decided to continue capitalizing on this.
  • It wasn't really over, they just led us to believe it was.
  • Someone came up with a great script and plot for this movie that Hollywood couldn't say no to. As you know Hollywood is all about the money.

Final Destination opens in the US on August 12th and in the UK on August 26th

I've seen two different trailers for this film and decided to post the one that doesn't give the WHOLE movie away. Even though we pretty much know by now what is going to happen.

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